Coronation Street star Ian Bartholomew says a fan wanted to ‘run him over’ after seeing Geoff abuse Yasmeen


CORONATION Street star Ian Bartholomew says a fan wanted to “run him over” after seeing Geoff abuse Yasmeen.

Fans of the ITV soap have watched in horror as evil Geoff Metcalfe has used coercive control to abuse the restaurateur.

Ian has been at the centre of a coercive control storyline

Over the weeks, he’s taken control of her money, destroyed her self-esteem and forces her to cook and clean all day.

However, viewers were appalled on Friday when Geoff fed Yasmeen her pet chicken for displeasing him.

The storyline has produced some horrified reactions – with some more extreme than the others.

“A coach driver at my children’s school stopped me the other day and said, ‘it’s a good job my wife isn’t driving this bus. She’d have run you over,’” actor Ian Bartholomew said to The Mirror. 

He force-fed Yasmeen her pet chicken

“Being disliked comes with the territory. I don’t mind if people hate him. I think they should, as long as they’re not hating Ian.

“They know that I’m not like that.”

The abuse is going to get worse for Yasmeen – and things will go very wrong once he discovers she is trying to escape his control.

A source told HOAR Online: “Yasmeen’s going to realise that she’s not safe with Geoff.

Geoff’s abuse is only going to get worse

“She knows that he’s bad for her and that she’s put her through isn’t something that a man who truly loves her would do.

“It seems like Alya has finally got through to her and Yasmeen resolves to leave – even though it’s her house and business.

“She secretly packs a bag and hides it so she can get out without Geoff manipulating her into staying.”

However her ordeal is set to only get worse when Geoff finds the packed bag and realises what Yasmeen is planning.

The source added: “She’s in real danger as Geoff lets the mask slip again and subjects her to a terrifying ordeal.”