Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd’s seriously-ill son turns 10 as mum praises him – after actor denied lad was his


THE mum of Jack P. Shepherd’s love child has marked his 10th birthday this week by paying tribute to his bravery.

The lad suffers from an incurable condition that wracks his body  with agonising seizures.

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd’s very ill son has turned 10

Greyson Milewski has alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC) – a one-in-a-million genetic disorder.

His mum Sammy, from South Yorkshire, posted a snap of the birthday boy on Instagram and wrote: “Massive Happy Birthday to this amazing little man. What a year it’s been an we’re going into!

“With so many challenges but you never cease to amaze me, with everything going on in the world and struggles you deal with daily #AHC #paralysis yet you constantly light up any room with your witty charm and personality never letting anything set you back.

“[Sic] I’m soo proud to be your mummy. Can’t believe your now in double digits.” 

Greyson Milewski has alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC), a very rare genetic disorder

His mum Sammy paid tribute to Greyson for his ‘bravery’ as he entered double digits

Jack’s never met his son, but pays child support after initially denying he was the father

Corrie star Jack, who plays TV’s David Platt, has two other children Nyla, 11, and Reuben, seven,  with former fiancée Lauren Shippey.

He has never met Greyson but pays maintenance after demanding a DNA test when he was born.

He had a one-night-stand with Sammy behind Lauren’s back after they met in a club.

Earlier this year Jack’s partner Hanni Treweek jumped to his defence after he was accused of snubbing the lad

Hanni tackled the situation head on in a q&a with followers on Instagram.

One person asked: “How do you feel dating a man who has nothing to do with his disabled son Greyson?”

Hanni replied: “I get trolled by people like you on a daily basis.

“I wasn’t in Jack’s life when that happened. What I can comment on is that he was 21, a young man himself in the public eye with a lot to learn.

“Everyone has a past, it’s important not to judge a book by its cover.

Jack pictured with current girlfriend Hanni Treweek has other two kids from a previous relationship

“You might think you know the facts but you don’t. The world is already at an uncertain stage and it’s not going to get any better any time soon with trolls such as yourself.

“If you thought I wasn’t going to respond, you were wrong. Have a lovely evening.”

His two kids are from his relationship with former fiancé Lauren Shippey

She also slammed Jack for not spending more time with Nyla, 11, and Reuben, seven
Hanni has defended Jack’s parenting skills saying don’t ‘judge a book by its cover’

Not long after Sammy called Jack out, his ex fiancé Lauren also slammed the star for not spending enough time with his kids.

Lauren, 32, hit out after Jack fawned to OK! magazine about home-schooling their daughter and son, with Hanni over lockdown.

The mum , who split from him three years ago, told HOAR on Sunday: “I’m speaking out now because Jack has used his celebrity status to give an interview which portrays a false image of how he behaves.”

She added: “Jack didn’t see his children for almost four months!”

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