Coronation Street star Sean Ward sparks outrage with most offensive conspiracy theory yet


FORMER Coronation Street actor Sean Ward has sparked outrage with his most shocking conspiracy theory yet.

In a shocking and offensive post, the 34-year-old suggested he doesn’t believe people are being murdered in Ukraine and described president Zelensky “very dodgy”.

Sean Ward has shared his most shocking conspiracy yet

The actor has questioned the war on Ukraine

Sean reposted a series of highly controversial comments about Zelensky, in a move which has upset his followers.

While many people were horrified to see the Our Girl star sharing posts like that, others were surprisingly supportive including fellow Corrie star Daniel Brocklebank who ‘liked’ the post.

Russian president Vladimir Putin began attacking Ukraine in the early hours of February 24, 2022.

The exact death toll is unknown, though estimates say that in June of this year Russia has lost almost 50,000 fighters.

Last month it was estimated that more than 10,000 deaths, including civilians,  had had been recorded in Ukraine.

Sean earned around £100,000-year as Corrie bad boy Callum Logan and starred in the BBC’s Our Girl military drama alongside Michelle Keegan.

But his life started disintegrating as he began slamming the vaccine rollout – which has so far seen 71 per cent of the UK population protected from severe cases of the virus.

Earlier this yeah NHS England revealed the jabs have saved 127,000 lives in England alone.

The vaccines are safe and effective and give the best protection against Covid.

In August of last year Sean was arrested during anti-vaccine protest –just a few months after he shared a video rant on social media in which he told followers they shouldn’t get the Covid vaccine.

Last year his fans were shocked as his Instagram page became filled with photos of anti-lockdown protests, with claims that the Covid jabs are “not a vaccine” and vaccine passports are “medical apartheid”

He called Covid certification and vaccinating children “the end game”.

Sean later revealed he had struggled to get work after sharing his opinions and was forced to give up his four bed house.

He is best known for playing Callum in Corrie

He also played Fingers in Our Girl