Coronation Street to air hour-long special episode for Oliver Battersby’s heartbreaking death storyline


CORONATION Street is to air an hour-long special for Oliver Battersby’s heartbreaking court case next week.

The episode will see Steve McDonald tell Leanne Battersby they have to let Oliver die as the court rules that Oliver’s life support should be switched off. 

Steve and Leanne will be devastated by the court’s decision
Wendy takes Dr Howarth’s side

Steve and Leanne launched a court battle last month to save Oliver- who has been diagnosed with an incurable form of mitochondrial disease – after doctors told them he was going to die no matter what. 

But Steve and Leanne’s plight to save their son is pushing away their loved ones, who all seem to agree that the parents are fighting a losing battle.

And now next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Wendy, who has been appointed as an impartial representative in the dispute surrounding Oliver’s future, also take the stance that keeping Oliver’s life support on would only prolong his suffering.

The upcoming scenes will see Tracy arrive at the family court for Oliver’s hearing but gets a frosty reception from Leanne, who makes clear that neither Tracy nor Nick is welcome.

The court rules that Oliver’s life support should be withdrawn
Leanne tells Steve she wants to launch an appeal

Later, Dr Howarth tells the court that the fairest thing to do would be to switch off Oliver’s life support.

Later in the week, Steve and Leanne’s turn in court kicks off as they tell the court all they want is to save Oliver. 

Steve urges the judge to give them more time to find a cure. 

Steve tells Leanne it’s time to let Oliver go

Afterwards, Leanne heads to the hospital and is furious to find Nick there. 

Will Leanne throw her ex out?

Later in the week, Tracy, Amy, Emma and Simon gather round to await the decision regarding Oliver.

Leanne and Steve’s worlds come crashing down when the judge concludes that Oliver’s life support should be turned off. 

Toyah, who’s at the hospital, receives a call from Leanne telling her what’s happened. 

Steve doesn’t know what to say when Leanne announces she wants to launch an appeal, but later he tells her they have to let Oliver go.

Will Leanne finally accept the truth and give in?

Or will she remain in denial and put her family through another ordeal by launching an appeal?

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