Coronation Street viewers all have the same complaint during tense Kelly and Gary scenes

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CORONATION STREET viewers were left frustrated over “too dark” scenes in nail-biting Wednesday episode.

Fans saw Kelly Neelan put her plan into action as she hires a hitman take Gary Windass to the woods to murder him during her engagement party.

Kelly found out Gary killed her dad Rick

Kelly gets her revenge of Gary

Gary is forced to dig his own grave

Tense scenes saw Gary escorted to the woodland area to dig his own grave.

However, fans seem to have missed the drama and was distracted by the low-lit scenes in the woods.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Christ alive can barely see what’s happening, it’s so dark.”

Another wrote: “Me trying to see what’s going on because it’s so dark in the woods.”

A third penned: “Why is tonight’s Coronation Street filmed in the dark?”

As Kelly prepares to marry Aadi, Keiron calls Kelly saying he will murder Gary tonight.

But Kelly has a change of heart and tells Gary that she knows he murdered her father Rick.

Kelly begs Keiron to change his mind about killing Gary and threatens him with the police.

But things turn sinister at the end of the episode when Keiron takes Kelly hostage by shoving her aggressively into the back of his van.

Kelly has clearly found herself in serious danger but will Gary be able to save her in time?

The ITV soap have teased tense rooftop scenes in the next episode.

Actress Millie Gibson, who played Kelly Neelan since she was 14, has left the soap.

She recently said she has closed the door on returning to soaps for good.

Millie told the Metro: “I’ve got so many roles in mind. I’m trying to keep myself grounded but at the same time, I need to bet on myself, if that makes sense.

“I really like dramas, I’d love to do a drama again. A period drama would be incredible – I’d have to take my lashes off!”

When asked if she would consider soaps in the future, she said: “No, never. No.”

Fans say scene were “too dark”

Kelly begs Keiron to change his mind about killing Gary