Coronation Street viewers break down in tears as Paul Foreman relives Kels abuse horror


CORONATION Street viewers have broken down in tears after Paul Foreman relived his abuse hell at the hands of paedophile Kel.

The packing assistant – who is played by actor Peter Ash in the ITV soap – was finally able to talk about what he went through after his mum Bernie and sister Gemma found evidence of it in Kel’s flat.

Paul was in tears at what Kel did to him

They suspected he was responsible for the spate of burglaries in Weatherfield so they broke into his flat to find out – but they ended up finding a hoard of child abuse images of Paul and other boys.

Bernie finally realised that Paul was abused by Kel and asked him: “I found loads of pictures, photos of lads and boys and you as a kid. Did he mess about with you? You know what I’m saying.”

Panicking, Paul said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

But soon after with boyfriend Billy’s encouragement, he opened up about what happened to him, leaving viewers sobbing at home.

Gemma broke down hearing what her brother had been through
Bernie couldn’t listen anymore and stormed out

He told his mum and sister: “These are some of the first pictures he took. We were all supposed to go but you were chucking up and we were only 11.

“You said you’d have to stay home and lookafterher but that me and Kel should go anyway. It was just me and him, it felt like a right adventure. It was massive. We got off and walked for miles and miles. It was dead hot and I was sweating from the sun and the walk and he told me to take my t-shirt off so I did.

“We went for a swim and there was no-one around. We splashed, we raced, and he threw me up in the air doing somersaults and stuff. We got out and he gave me lager and a fag, and told me not to tell you or you’d kill him.

“Then he got his camera out and took some pics. It was just messing about, we’d have a drink and a laugh. After he’d say thank you.

Kel terrified Paul into silence about the abuse he put him through

“After every time, after every photo session, always thank you. And after we did it for the first time when I was 14, thank you. After every time. I loved him, I loved her boyfriend I couldn’t say anything.”

As Bernie said she couldn’t listen to any more, Paul raged at her for not realising what was going on – or even asking.

“You failed me,” he said breaking down in tears and viewers soon followed.

One wrote: “I’m in floods of tears here.”

A second said: “Watching Paul is so heartbreaking and upsetting I just want to give him a big hug #Corrie”

Another added: “Don’t know what’s more heartbreaking, Paul’s monologue or Bernie’s face #corrie”

Viewers watched at the end of the episode as a horrified Bernie went to the police to report Kel for the abuse, despite Paul insisting he couldn’t face going through a trial.