Coronation Street viewers ‘figure out’ mystery new girl Chelsey is Carla’s secret sister


CORONATION Street fans reckon they’ve already figured out who newcomer Chelsey is after she confronted Carla in the toilets last night.

Many insisted the aggressive Scottish girl is none other than Alison King’s character’s secret sister.

Carla found herself cornered by Chelsey in last night’s Coronation Street

The stranger arrived in the ladies’ toilets last night, cornering Carla by the sinks and saying: “I want a word actually.”

Carla looked confused, but replied: “OK, well shall we do it in the bar? I know we keep this place clean and everything but there are better backdrops to conversations.”

“Do you really want your pals to find out how I know you?”

As the famous theme music struck up, it did look as if a flicker of recognition was playing on Carla’s face – leading many to jump the the same conclusion.

The mysterious Scottish newcomer did not reveal her identity

Many fans reckoned they’d figured out exactly who the newcomer was

It came after Carla was surprised to hear that Scott worked with Johnny back in the 1970s and that he knew her mum.

One viewer said: “I reckon that girl is Carla sister and the guy’s daughter making Jonny not Carla’s real dad.”

Another said: The Scottish girl! Will be Carla’s half sister or something!!

A third added: “Carla got another sister.”