Coronation Street viewers in hysterics as Ray DROPS Abi when theyre caught snogging by Sally


Coronation Street viewers were left in hysterics tonight when Ray suddenly threw Abi to the ground when they were caught snogging by Sally.

The pair had nipped back for a quickie when things started to heat up again downstairs.

Abi came clattering down on the floor after Ray dropped her

Abi ripped love interest Ray’s shirt open and jumped up to wrap her legs around him when Sally walked through the door.

Keen not to get caught out, Ray let Abi go instantly and she fell to the ground with a bang.

Shocked Sally asked: “Am I interrupting something?” to which Ray replied: “No, you’re alright love. I’m just going to get off.”

He then told Abi he’d “give her a ring” and she warned: “You better”.

They were caught in a passionate embrace
But Abi ended up disappearing behind the sofa when Sally walked in

Looking for gossip, Sally shrieked: “I thought it was all dead in the water?”

Abi explained: “Turns out he’s just the bloke you hoped he’d be. He’s really proud of what I’ve done since leaving prison.”

A concerned Sally suggested: “Isn’t it a bit quick though? It wouldn’t hurt to proceed with a little bit of caution.”

But Abi was having none of it. She said:“No I haven’t’ got that luxury! For once in myself I’ve hooked myself a good one and I need to reel him in sharpish.”

The randy pair tried to brush off the moment

The dramatic fall had viewers laughing, with one saying: “The way abi dropped to the ground, the speed of it#corrie.”

Another said: “He just dropped Abby like a bag of spuds #Corrie.”

Someone else screamed: “Abi!!He threw her#Corrie.”
A viewer admitted: “Ha, sorry, I laughed a bit too much when Abi got dropped on the floor. #Corrie.”