Coronation Street weirdo Geoff searches for other women on his laptop leaving fans sickened


CORONATION Street fans slammed “weird” character Geoff Metcalf after he searched for women on his laptop in front of Yasmeen Nazir.

Manipulative Geoff has chipped away at Yasmeen’s confidence for several months and fans raged on Twitter as he stepped up his psychological abuse in Friday’s episode.

Coronation Street fans were left sickened on Friday by ‘weirdo’ Geoff Metcalfe as he searched dating profiles on his laptop

Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) made sure Yasmeen was in the room and saw him looking at women’s dating profiles online, later explaining he was conducting research for a new segment on his hospital radio show.

He later lied and said he was planning a trip to Las Vegas for the pair, but his tactics didn’t go down well with viewers.

One Corrie fan ranted on Twitter: “F**k off Geoff you gaslighting sociopath. I do not like you”

Another outraged viewer wrote: “Hate that slimy #Geoff and shady”

As one more typed: “Yasmeen has literally become Geoffs doormat. Hes vile, selfish, boring and disgusting. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Sad to see Yasmeen become a shadow of her former self #Corrie”

Geoff was searching women’s dating profiles and made sure Yasmeen could see

Viewers have branded Geoff ‘vile’ and a ‘creep’ after his latest tactic to manipulate Yasmeen

Twisted Geoff has stopped at nothing to emotionally abuse of Yasmeen and the hospital DJ even attempted to take control of her finances.

Geoffs disturbing dark side was revisited when Yasmeen annoyed him by announcing she was going for lunch with pal, Cathy Matthews.

She unintentionally wound him up even further when she told him shes decided to join Ken Barlows bridge club and would be partnering Brian Packham.

Geoff Metcalfe will step up his emotional abuse of Yasmeen Nazir in Coronation Street next week as the hospital DJ attempts to take control of her finances

Feeling threatened, Geoff pretended that bridge was his favourite game and yp;d Yasmeen that hell partner her instead.

But as the bridge night descended into chaos with allegations of cheating, Geoff took it out on Yasmeen.

Back at home, hes furious and angrily accused her of trying to undermine him in front of everyone.

unintentionally winds him up even further when she tells him shes decided to join Ken Barlows bridge club and will be partnering Brian Packham

Corrie fans know that Geoff staged a robbery, taking pictures and jewellery precious to Yasmeen and setting it up so it looked like friends of granddaughter Alya were responsible.

He then manipulated her by taking over the insurance claim, before telling her that hed accidentally given the insurance company his own bank details instead of hers.

It was revealed back in June that Yasmeen would be at the centre of a horrific abuse plot with Geoff set to turn nasty.

Charities including Women’s Aid have been consulted on the storyline, which is intended to educate viewers on the “invisible prison” created by controlling partners.

Episodes will show Metcalfe tightening his control over Nazir as he stages a robbery to be seen to protect her and installs CCTV to watch her every move at home.

Coronation Street producer Iain Macleod said: “Many thousands of people feel trapped in relationships with someone who claims to love them but who is actually taking them apart piece by piece, isolating them from friends and family and locking them in an invisible prison of fear and insecurity.

“I hope this story will help anyone going through similar experiences in the real world by highlighting that feeling undermined, belittled, controlled or intimidated by your partner is never okay.

“The old ‘sticks and stones’ adage is just plain wrong – words can be instruments of torture and manipulation.”

Coronation Street creators have worked closely with Women’s Aid and Independent Choices Greater Manchester to craft the storyline.

Teresa Parker, of Women’s Aid, said: “Many people think that unless there is physical abuse, it doesn’t count.

“Coercive control underpins almost all abusive relationships, and Geoff has established himself at the centre of Yasmeen’s life, and manipulated her in so many ways.

“Gradually we are seeing the long-term effects of living with an abusive partner.”

Charities say that since changes in the law in 2015, this form of abuse has been classed as a criminal offence and underpins 95% of all abusive relationships.

Shelley King, who plays Yasmeen, revealed last month that her characters horror plot will last a year as the abuse gets even darker and more brutal.