Coronation Street’s Alya frantically packs Yasmeen’s bags after reporting abuser Geoff to the police


CORONATION Street’s Alya frantically packs Yasmeen’s bags after reporting abuser Geoff to the police in new spoiler pictures.

Evil Geoff is set to finally get what is coming to him after Yasmeen’s granddaughter realises that she is in danger.

Yasmeen appears to put up a fight as Alya tries to rescue her

New spoiler pictures show the worried character, played by Sair Khan, trying to get Yasmeen out of the house – with her grandmother seemingly putting up a fight.

In one snap, Yasmeen is tugging a bag away from Alya – will she eventually see sense and flee?

Another image sees Alya supported by Toyah as she reports Geoff to the authorities.

Alya looks concerned as she gives a statement at the police station – a desperate bid to rescue her gran from the controlling villain.

Alya is desperate to save her grandma
Alya will also report Geoff to the police

Last week, it was revealed that Alya will discover that Geoff is writing the negative Speed Daal reviews himself after noticing identical spelling mistakes in his menus.

Her suspicions are raised when Yasmeen defends Geoff when she challenges the pair, and she then confides in Eileen and Ryan.

Alya is left horrified when Eileen mentions that Geoff trapped Yasmeen in his magic box for hours, and it finally dawns on Alya that Yasmeen is being abused.

HOAR Online exclusively revealed last month that Alya is going to do more digging into Geoff’s background and is set to discover incriminating evidence.

Geoff has been abusing poor Yasmeen

She then sets about trying to save her grandmother as she begs her to leave the abuser.

The disturbing coercive control storyline has seen hundreds of Corrie fans report the ITV soap to Ofcom.

Viewers were particularly outraged by distressing scenes that showed Yasmeen sobbing in the garden after Geoff killed her beloved pet chicken – and tricked her into eating it.

Hundreds of disturbed viewers have complained about the storyline

Yasmeen actress Shelley King said she has cried real tears when filming the scenes for the ITV soap.

Opening up about the storyline on Loose Women earlier this month, she shared: “Women’s Aid have been really helpful. We have talked to people who have survived these terrible times, some of the stuff you see is (nothing) compared to what happens to people but everything has been drawn from that.

“Things are only going to get worse… it’s been hard. There’s only so much a tear stick can do and I don’t like to use them. It has been very difficult.”