Coronation Street’s Andy Whyment poses with lookalike son and co-star Sam Aston as they hit the golf course

Corrie's Andy Whyment poses with lookalike son and onscreen pal Sam Aston

ANDY Whyment donned a beaming smile as he stood with his lookalike son and co-star Sam Aston for a round of golf.

The Coronation Street star looked joyful at the Worsley Park course, with his son Tom and onscreen pal best known for playing Chesney Brown.

Corrie’s Andy Whyment shared an uplifting photo with his son and onscreen pal Sam Aston

The 42-year-old is known for enjoying spending time with his wife Nichola and two kids

Fans were quick to share their shock at how much older Andy’s son looked outside the Manchester golf club.

One wrote: “I can’t believe how much Tom has shot up, he’s a lovely young man.”

“Wow that is fantastic, smashing and ace pic of you with Sam Aston and your son Tom there mate”, commented another.

“Enjoy gents, perfect day for it and the course is looking good🏌️‍♂️”, said a third.

To which Andy replied: “Loving it. The course is fantastic and the weather is great ⛳☀👍🏻.”

The Corrie actor, 42, is known for loving nothing more than spending time with his wife Nichola, 32, and their kids.

The couple live in Atherton, Wigan and tied the knot on June 23, 2007, after meeting in 2005 in Manchester.

Earlier this year Andy and Nichola celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.

Their two children Tom, 14, and Hollie, 11, frequently feature on their mum’s Instagram.

Although, the TV personality did admit there will be no further additions made to the family – as he has undergone a vasectomy.

He said: “There’s no chance of having anymore kids as I had the snip a few years ago.

“We said we wanted two kids and we have been really fortunate to have a boy and a girl.”

Earlier this month, the soap star was booted off I’m A Celebrity’s South Africa series after a particularly sticky trial with Georgia Toffolo, 28.

He said he experienced a particularly close bond with Manchester neighbour Shaun Ryder while in the South Africa camp.

But, Andy recently revealed that Paul Burrell, 64, is now his mate after he formed a strong yet unexpected friendship with the ex-Royal butler.

And after leaving the jungle, the actor, who has played Kirk Sutherland for 23 years, confirmed his future on the soap.

Andy said in an exclusive chat: “I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, thinking they’re going to go on to bigger and better things but Corrie for me is my number one, it always has and always will be.

“I grew up watching it as a kid and when I drive up to those barriers in the morning and they lift them up, I think ‘I’m still working on Coronation Street’.

“If I’d told myself growing up I’d be there 23 years, it’s amazing and touch wood many more years to come.”


Andy Whyment has played Kirk Sutherland on Coronation Street for more than 20 years

Him and wife Nichola have been married for 16 years

The couple share two children together, Tom and Hollie

Andy was booted out of the jungle after a trial with Georgia Toffolo