Coronation Streets Cherylee Houston left in tears of frustration as hotel asks her to be carried to her room


CORONATION Street star Cherylee Houston has been left in tears of frustration after being told she needed to be carried into a hotel so she could use their wheelchair accessible room.

The actress – who plays Izzy Armstrong in the ITV soap – was told the room was reachable “once you get in” leaving her furious.

Cherylee was left in tears of frustration over the hotel’s actions

Hotel bosses informed the soap favourite that the hotel had steps at the front and asked her: “We have two steps into the hotel, would you and your friend mind being lifted every time you enter or leave the hotel?”

Actress Cherylee who suffers from a degenerative disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – shared her room nightmare via on Twitter.

She tweeted: “Once again I booked a hotel on @bookingcom and again the hotel phoned up and said. ‘Is your wheelchair modern or old fashioned as theres steps to the accessible room.’ Me, ‘Erm thats not an accessible room’.

“The hotel, ‘Yes it is once you get in and we have another accessible – room without steps’. Me, ‘Well have that one then.’

The actress left in tears by the bad service she received

She blasted for their inaction on the issue

“One hour later the phone rings, hotel again. ‘We have two steps into the hotel, would you and your friend mind being lifted every time you enter or leave the hotel?

“I booked this using your search boxes or disabled access. Help! Ive been on hold for 20 mins now@bookingcom whilst they try and sort out another booking which isnt wheelchair accessible when it booked saying it was.

“Its really frustrating to keep having to give your time to sort other peoples mistakes – that is the bane of disability. cant do anything for 24hrs? @bookingcom

“I was on hold for half an hr just to be told you cant do anything for a day… Please will someone call me. This is terrible service for wheelchair users.

“I am sat here in tears of frustration as again access has made things really difficult for me just to get on with my life. Everyone knows being on hold to call centres is frustrating but when it’s not your fault and they say they cant help as he couldnt get hold of the hotel to book the accessible room.

“I dont want an accessible room in a hotel that I would have to be lifted into. That is not accessible. I would like an alternative sorting without it taking my day and tears to sort.”

It isn’t the first time Cherylee has been left struggling because of falsely advertised hotel accessibility

The actress plays Izzy Armstrong in the ITV soap

She shared a snap of her stuck at the door of previous hotel that had accessible rooms and said: “What happened to me the other year when I booked accessible accommodation with you then it took days to sort out and you gave me a 20% refund… this time I expect a replacement room. Id also love to start the conversation with your managers. I could help!”

She also uploaded a message from that read: “Hi Cherylees, The property has informed us that they already contacted you regarding your room access, and that they did gave (sic) you their accessible room but there is two steps at entry to the hotel and they do not have any kind of rampe (sic) to access it but to access the room will not be an issue.

“If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.”

Co-star Lisa George told her: “Oh darling so sorry you are having to deal with this .. yet again!!!- so you cant get in the accessible room because the hotel isnt accessible!!- right!!!makes me so cross.”

And Street pal Georgia Taylor told her: “Absolutely unacceptable @bookingcomChez Im so sorry youre having to put up with this xxx”