Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne in danger after dumping bunny boiler Lydia


CORONATION Street fans are terrified for Daniel Osbourne after he dumped Lydia – and she got vengeful.

The teacher – who is played by actor Rob Mallard in the ITV – decided to end things with his nephew’s ex after kissing Daisy.

Coronation Street fans are very worried for Daniel Osbourne after he dumped Lydia

Daniel and Daisy ended up rowing in the flat – before it turned to passion and they began kissing.

But as Lydia walked in the pair flew apart and pretended they hadn’t just been passionately hate-kissing their way through the flat.

“So I’m going to go,” said Daisy in an awkward moment.

But Lydia’s facial expression proved she knew more than she was letting on.

And when Daniel confessed to the kiss and decided to be honest and break up with her, things took a turn.

Snapping, she said: “I’m definitely what you don’t want. 

“I think you’re a disgrace. You’re so up yourself, you manipulate women with your lonesome widower act. 

“Oh and FYI you’re the worst lover I’ve ever had by a country mile.”

Later, hammered, Lydia ran into Adam and ranted at him.

“Daniel’s dumped me so congratulations. Sarah’s way too good for you. You poisoned the water with Daniel.”

Her venom has fans worried she will prove to be dangerous for both Adam and Daniel.

They are predicting a terrifying twist in the storyline.

One wrote: “This Lydia seems a little clingy to me doesn’t quite fit at present to me.”

A second said: “I think Lydia is about to stick a pin in the voodoo doll…”

Another added: “And now we have the latest soap serial killer.”

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