Coronation Street’s Debbie Webster returns to take over the cobbles’ businesses reveals Sue Devaney


CORONATION Street’s businessmen better watch out because they’re getting a rival as Debbie Webster returns to the cobbles.

The younger sister of Kevin Webster – who is played by actress Sue Devaney – made a brief return last year for a family funeral, but next week she’ll be back for a much longer stint, and she’s all about business.

Sue is back on the cobbles and overjoyed with it

Self-made millionaire Debbie’s return to the cobbles is shrouded in mystery but she will land on Kevin’s doorstep with a suitcase and move in.

Sue revealed: “Business has brought her back and because the situation where she lives in Turkey she was missing her family, she’s very close to her brother and I think she wanted to be around family more.

“The thing with Debbie is, wherever she travels and whatever she does, she always comes back to home. She’s never forgotten where she’s come from.

“She takes comfort in that and, this time round, she thinks I quite like it here.

She wants to make sure her older brother Kevin is alright

Debbie is back with business in mind

“She’s going to do a few business deals and stuff and she wants to make sure her brother is all right.”

And Debbie isn’t to be trifled with – as the likes of Carla Connor, Nick Tilsley and Ray Crosby will be sure to find out.

Sue added: “She was very outspoken at 16 and I think she’s still got that trait. When she wants to say something she’ll say it.

“That said Debbie now has a lot of money, and it’s wonderful to play a character who has so much money she can give £200,000 away! I love her so much.

Decades away haven’t made Debbie any less feisty

Sue was last on the cobbles in 1985

“I’ve based her on one of my old friends who I’ve known since I was seven. She never goes out without her face fully done and earrings that match her bag and her shoes.”

And Sue is overjoyed to be back on the cobbles after years working all over the world on the stage and screen – though it has changed behind the scenes.

She said: “When I did it years ago we had a week’s rehearsal before filming, now you get the script, then rehearse, then record but I love the fast pace.

“I feel very lucky especially what’s going on lucky to have a job full stop. The fact it’s Corrie, I feel blessed.”

And she will be sticking around for some time – and she is excited to be part of the soap’s 60th anniversary celebrations in December.

“To be part of the 60th anniversary year is just amazing,” she said.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better, it’s like Christmas and birthdays have come at once. And I’m so grateful for Corrie because they could have easily gone, ‘Well we want to bring Debbie back but let’s see what other actors are around’.

“Because it’s been such a long time, I’m so grateful they brought me as the actress back, and not someone who was younger looking!”