Coronation Streets Gary gets revenge on Daniel for killing his unborn child says actor Mikey North


CORONATION Street’s Gary Windass will set out to get revenge on Daniel Osbourne for “killing his unborn child”.

Actor Mikey North has revealed there will be consequences after his girlfriend Maria loses their baby by catching the measles from Daniel’s unvaccinated son.

Actor Mikey North has revealed his character Gary Windass is out for revenge

The grief causes Gary to further spiral out of control and go after Daniel for payback.

Mikey told ITV’s Lorraine today: “Daniel in the midst of his grief has failed to vaccinate his little boy.

“Maria then catches the measles and loses the baby.

“This throws another spanner in the works of their turbulent relationship.

Maria is left devastated by her unborn baby’s death
Grieving Daniel makes a life-changing error

“Gary is going to go after Daniel now and seek revenge on him.

“Doctor Ali finds Maria and takes her to the hospital.”

Gary Windass has become the cobbles latest villain after it was revealedhe was the character who deliberately caused the Underworld Factory roof collapse.

During his reign of terror on the soap so far, four victims have died after getting caught in Garys crossfire.

However,after his dodgy dealings were exposed to the street, his friends have been dropping like flies.

In scenes yet to air, Audrey mentions that Daniels son Bertie has been in hospital with measles and that Maria must have caught it from him.

Maria is surprised that Daniel didnt have Bertie vaccinated, while Gary is fuming with the grieving husband for being so stupid.