Coronation Street’s Geoff will be murdered by abused Yasmeen claim fans – who beg her to ‘feed him to the chickens’


Coronation Street fans are convinced that Geoff Metcalfe is going to be murdered by his abused partner Yasmeen Nazir.

Viewers of the ITV soap, who are increasingly unable to bear his campaign of cruelty, have called for her to rise up and kill him – then feed him to the chickens.

Corrie fans think Yasmeen might end up killing Geoff

Discussing what could happen to evil Geoff (Ian Bartholomew), one person wrote: “Will it be Yasmeen pouring her heart out to someone or will there be a witness to the abuse or maybe her striking out and killing him?”

Another added: “Feed Geoff to the Chickens.”

Someone else remarked: “In reality, that is exactly how a lot of these cases end up – after enduring mental and physical abuse for a lengthy period of time, the victim one day just snaps and kills their abuser.”

Last week, fans watched in horror as Geoff fed Yasmeen her pet chicken Charlotte.

Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen for months

The sick storyline unfolded with sweet Yasmeen accidentally infuriating Geoff with her cooking.

Staring down at his plate, he fumed: “There’s no meat.”

Yasmeen pleaded: “I ran out of money – you said I had to stick to the budget.”

At that, he grabbed his plate and marched over to the bin, before chucking the whole lot inside, raging: “I’m not eating this rubbish.”

She insisted: “I’ll make something else” but he spun round in a rage.

Fans were horrified when he made her eat her pet chicken

He roared: “No, I’ll do it. Like I have to do everything else round this place – except look after your precious chickens. Get upstairs, give me some space. I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

The jealous monster then marched into the garden with a bucket of feed, growling: “Here Charlotte, come to uncle Geoff.”

He later served the pet back to Yasmeen as a roast chicken, torturing her by asking: “Not too dry? I thought she might be a bit dry being an older bird.”

Viewers were so distressed by the scenes that Ofcom received 359 complaints.