Coronation Street’s Harvey will decide to MURDER Leanne Battersby reveals Will Mellor


CORONATION Street star Will Mellor has revealed drug dealer Harvey will try to murder Leanne Battersby next week.

The actor – who plays evil dealer Harvey in the ITV soap – has spoken about Harvey turning even nastier as he forces Leanne to deal drugs for him.

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Harvey wants to kill Leanne, reveals actor Will Mellor

However, when he discovers Leanne has turned police informant – he decides there is only thing to be done and she has to die.

Will tells HOAR’s TV magazine: “Leanne’s packing up to run away, but before she can leave the flat, Harvey kicks the door in.”

“It was good to burst in like that. Jane [Danson, who plays Leanne] jumped out of her skin!

“Harvey calls her ‘a grass’ and goes to bundle her into the car to take her somewhere to finish her off. 

“He says: ‘After you’re dead, I’ll make sure Simon’s taken care of – he’ll be in my little family,’ which means he’ll be selling drugs for Harvey.”

Leanne is in danger from Harvey

But next week, Leanne finds herself in hot water when one of Harvey’s dealers, Ned, rocks up at her flat and explains he’s expecting a delivery – and that he’ll be using her flat to bag up the drugs. 

When Simon lets Ned in, he introduces himself while Leanne pales in horror. 

But when Leanne asks too many questions about Ned’s drug delivery, he grows suspicious of her motives and suspects she’s not on their side. 

Later, Leanne meets up with DC Costello and fills him in on Ned’s drug plans.

When she returns to the flat, however, disaster strikes as Harvey arrives and takes Simon with him. 

Leanne begs him to take her instead, but Harvey brushes her off.

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Later in the week, Harvey tells Leanne he was set up and forces her to admit it was her.

The showdown takes a nasty turn and, later, Leanne confides in Toyah and tells her that she and Simon are moving away to escape Harvey.

Will Leanne and Simon be able to escape Harvey’s clutches?