Coronation Street’s hate crime Nina Lucas attack storyline would make Sophie Lancaster proud, says mum Sylvia


CORONATION Street’s hate crime attack storyline for Nina Lucas would make Sophie Lancaster proud, her mum Sylvia has revealed.

The campaigner – who lost her daughter to unprovoked violent attack in 2007 – is working with Corrie bosses to raise awareness of the threats to alternative people.

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Dr Sylvia Lancaster has revealed she hopes her daughter would be proud of her

And she says she hopes her daughter Sophie would be proud of her for using the biggest soap on television to do it.

Viewers will soon watch goth Nina Lucas and boyfriend Seb Franklin be horrifically assaulted by Corey Brent’s gang of thugs.

Speaking exclusively to HOAR, Sylvia told how she and Sophie used to watch the soap together – and how Sophie loved eco-warrior Spider Nugent.

She said: “There used to be a guy on who used to climb trees. He was an echo warrior, he was called Spider.

“Sophie loved him, she absolutely loved him. We used to laugh about him. 

“I don’t know whether she was a big Corrie fan but she did watch it. It was something that we’d watch together.

Sophie was murdered in an unprovoked attack in 2007

Corrie will raise awareness with a storyline seeing Nina and Seb attacked
Corey and his gang of thugs attack the couple for being different

“She liked the way he looked, the way he dressed, his moral values. She liked the whole package really.

“I don’t know what she’d think of me advising the producers. I’d like to think she’d be proud.”

Sylvia also revealed she decided to work with the soap because her work going into schools had been halted by the pandemic.

“Once Covid lockdown came in there was no work,” she said.

“We were going into schools, we were quite busy.

“The fact that we have been given an opportunity to carry on. There’s a new generation that doesn’t know about Sophie’s story.

“It’s about saying to people, hate crime happens to anybody. It’s just being aware of that and being aware of what hate crime actually is.

“It’s about looking at your own intolerances and prejudices. It’s raising awareness among young people and hopefully people listen to our message.”

The attack will play out this week on the soap.