Coronation Street’s Katie McGlynn slammed by furious fans as she advertises ‘dangerous’ pregnancy app

Coronation Street's Katie McGlynn slammed by furious fans as she advertises ‘dangerous’ pregnancy app,

CORONATION Street star Katie McGlynn has been slammed by furious fans after advertising a pregnancy app.

The actress – who is best known for playing Sinead Osbourne on the ITV soap – took to Instagram to tell her fans she was using Natural Cycles as a form of non-hormonal birth control.

Katie posted about the natural birth control

She encouraged fans to try Natural Cycles

Katie, 29, promoted the hormone-free birth control app as she told fans that she was “not ready to have her own kids yet”.

The soap star posed with her nephews as she told her Instagram following that she was against using birth control.

She penned to her followers: “I absolutely love these little guys, but can confirm I’m certainly not ready to have my own kids just yet!

“I’m also super conscious of what I’m putting into my body as I’m getting older! I’ve never had a good reaction to birth control.

“I’ve suffered quite badly from migraines and acne flair ups from the hormones… which no woman should have to deal with every month.

“I’ve been using Natural Cycles as my contraception for quite a while, it’s a brilliant non-hormonal birth control app, providing a natural way to keep track of my fertile and non fertile days.

“It’s also super helpful for me to see when I’m most sensitive to migraines!

“The app’s algorithm uses body temperature and other fertility indicators to determine my daily fertility status, so I measure my temperature in the morning and pop it into the app…

“I’ve learnt so much about my own body since using Natural Cycles and it’s given me the knowledge of how my body reacts and changes each cycle.

“Birth control is unique and personal to everyone, but this is the perfect option for me as it’s completely natural with no hormones and no side effects!”

However, her fans were left furious by the post, and hit out the star for promoting the app.

“Doesn’t work I can confirm. It said I wasn’t ovulating and I got pregnant with my son. Would never use it again,” one wrote.

Another chimed in: “Currently sat here with a 4-month-old now. Literally the worst thing ever they shouldn’t be advertising it, it’s BS.”

“I can confirm this is not a good form of contraception!” a third said, while a fourth added: “It’s so bad, isn’t it?”

Others gushed over the app, saying they had been using it and it was “effective” – while encouraging Katie she would “be a great mum” when the time is right.

Natural Cycles claims to be 93 per cent effective and is hailed as the world’s first digital contraceptive.

Elina Berglund, co-founder and co-CEO of Natural Cycles said: “There are often a lot of misconceptions around Natural Cycles and digital birth control in general, which we have aimed to clear up over the past four years.

“Natural Cycles is proud to offer women a non-hormonal option that is backed by not only four published clinical studies that outline our 93% typical use effectiveness, but more than four years of real-world evidence that includes follow ups with 98% of users.”

However, Katie isn’t the only star to have faced backlash for using the form of contraceptive, as Love Island’s Montana Brown also advertised the app.

While Lucy Mecklenburgh also promoted the app, with her fans hitting back that to do so was “irresponsible”.

“I cannot believe this is being promoted, how incredibly irresponsible,” one fan hit out, while a second said: “Be very careful, it’s very dodgy. Lucy, I’m really surprised you’re endorsing this.”

Back in 2018, Natural Cycles was under investigation for “unwanted pregnancies and misleading claims” in advertising.

Katie played Sinead in the ITV soap