Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby caught dealing drugs by police in dramatic trailer


CORONATION Street’s Leanne Battersby will be caught dealing drugs by the police in a shock twist.

The grieving mum – who is played by actress Jane Danson in the ITV soap – is being forced to deal drugs by Harvey to pay off her son Simon’s debts.

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Leanne will be caught counting her ill-gotten gains

But the new trailer has revealed the moment Leanne is caught by police counting her ill-gotten gains in a car.

The police officer flashes his warrant card and it looks to be game over for Leanne.

In last night’s episode Leanne was caught in a trap by Harvey after trying to take him on.

Walking up to his car, she said: “You Harvey? I’m Simon’s mum. I believe that’s what he owes you for the stolen drugs – there’s a thousand quid there, you can count it.”

The police will catch her red-handed
Fans want Leanne to go to the police

As Harvey tried to tell her that Simon owed him double that – and that he needed to work the rest off, Leanne got a bit of her old fire back.

She stood up to him and faced him down.

Leanne was forced to deliver drugs

Harvey isn’t happy with Leanne’s offer

“He’s a good kid, he’s never done anything like this before – he’s not cut out for it,” she said.

Harvey told her that’s why he wanted Simon – and Leanne threatened him with the police so he responded with a threat of his own – to put her and Simon in hospital.

She replied: “Oh I know what you did to Jacob. You’re a monster.”

But as she realised Harvey had her backed into a corner, Leanne had to offer to sell the drugs herself.

Leanne tries to make a deal for her son
Harvey has been making Simon’s life hell

Later she was forced to deliver a huge brick of drugs to a dodgy flat, but managed to hold it together to get out of there in one piece.

And after Harvey summoned her for another drop.

He said: “Don’t talk just listen. I heard it went alright today so I lined you up another one for tomorrow. 

“You think you can just walk away? I say when you’ve paid off your debt, not you. I’ll call you tomorrow, make sure you answer.”

Viewers are desperate for Leanne to go to the police and be saved.

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One wrote:  “#Corrie just for once can Leanne do the correct thing in just going to police & explain that Simon was groomed into dealing rather than this ridiculous storyline.”

A second said:  “Leanne’s getting in deeper and deeper into the drug world! Run girl and run fast #Corrie.”

Another added:  “What are you doing Leanne, dealing drugs really? #Corrie”