Coronation Street’s ‘Missing Children’ Mystery Unveiled – What Happened to Dev’s Daughter Amber and Ken’s Long Lost Son?


Where Did They Go?

Coronation Street fans have been left wondering about the whereabouts of several 'missing children' from the show.

Dev's Daughter Amber

One notable character is Amber Kalirai, Dev Alahan's daughter, who arrived in Weatherfield in 2005 and left in 2012 after some rebellious years.

Ken's Long Lost Son

Another intriguing case is Lawrence Cunningham, Ken Barlow's long lost son, who was portrayed by William Roach's real-life son Linus.

Forgotten Siblings

Fans also pointed out forgotten siblings like Leanne Battersby's half brother Greg Kelly and Carl Webster, who seem to have been erased from the show's storyline.

Potential Comebacks?

Could these 'missing children' make a return to the cobbles to shake things up and reinvigorate certain character storylines?

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