Coronation Street’s Nick Tilsley can’t hug Leanne as she breaks down over Oliver’s illness reveals Ben Price


CORRIE’S Nick Tilsley won’t be able to hug Leanne when she breaks down over son Oliver’s illness due to filming precautions over coronavirus concerns.

The soap actors, who play Nick and Leanne, have jumped straight back into filming scenes where they left off before lockdown began.

Leanne’s son Oliver is in hospital desperately ill

Jane’s character, Leanne Battersby, has been fighting for her onscreen son’s health as he battles with mitochondrial disease.

Speaking about picking up the storyline from where they left off, Ben Price, who plays Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street, said of the reunion: “The only bit which was quite difficult is that the scenes are quite touchy, and there’s a moment, I’ll just blow Jane’s trumpet, where she is just fantastic.

“In my heart as Nick I just wanted to give her a hug, which at the moment is impossible but the drama is there.”

Jane reiterated how hard it was to do the scenes without touching, telling HOAR Online: “Once we worked out a few things here and there, it didn’t feel too different actually.

Leanne’s character is struggling to cope with her son being ill

Ben said it was hard not to hug Jane during a particular moment in filming

“The only thing was we couldn’t physically touch each other. We found other ways of looking at each other and we can read each other so well.”

Jane’s character Leanne has had viewers in tears as she’s watched her son fight the deadly mitochondrial disorder.

She said: “It’s quite possibly the worst thing that can happen to anybody but having spoken to Liz from The Lily Foundation charity, life does go on in a way after this horrific journey, and Leanne will go through a bad time but she has another responsibility in Simon.”

The soap star added that the tragedy might make Leanne “finally grow up” and rein in her “feisty and gobby” side.

Jane had viewers in tears as her little boy goes to hospital

Time will tell if Oliver gets better

Coronation Street has shared a first look as the cast returned to set for filming, shooting socially distanced scenes two metres apart on the cobbles.

The stars went back to Weatherfield after all production came to a halt back in March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to new guidelines filming was able to start back up this week, with health and safety measures in place.

In a sneak peek at how things have changed, the team can be seen keeping their distance as they stand separately on the set.

Some are wearing face masks for extra protection, and there is yellow tape around the edge of sets to prevent showrunners from breaking the barrier.

The cameramen can be seen using extended equipment, allowing them to remain far away from the stars while shooting goes on.

There is also a reduced amount of crew on set, with Corrie bosses keeping the amount of people in the studios to a minimum.

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