Coronation Street’s Nicky has a secret daughter reveals Kimberly Hart-Simpson


CORONATION Street’s Nicky reveals she has a secret daughter – after she’s left heartbroken by Daniel Osbourne calling her a meaningless prostitute.

The sex worker – who is played by actress Kimberly Hart-Simpson in the ITV soap – was devastated tonight when she caught Daniel insulting her to Kirk.

Nicky was devastated to hear Daniel Osbourne calling her a meaningless prostitute

“I’d never replace Sinead with some sex worker,” he said as Nicky walked back out of the station unbeknownst to him.

She looked devastated and later returned to Daniel’s flat to demand cash for sleeping with him.

Hurt, she insisted he give her £200 for the romp.

She told him: “I wouldn’t want you to replace your dead wife with some sex worker. If you’re going to treat me like a prostitute then I’m going to be paid like a prostitute.”

Daniel listened as Nicky told him what how upset he’d made her
Nicky was near tears as she confronted Daniel

And when Daniel explained it wasn’t about what she did – but that he needed to keep Beth on side so Bertie had a link to his mum.

Nicky was heartbroken – but actress Kimberley Hart-Simpson has told HOAR Online that things aren’t over for the pair.

And she can see a future for Daniel, Bertie, Nicky and her secret daughter Maisie.

“I don’t think she even knew she was developing feelings,” she said. 

She told him that even though Beth might not like her business at least she’s not a liar
Daniel was left distraught and guilt-ridden

“I think it’s just been creeping and when she’s in that moment and it happens, she’s revealing things about herself to this guy and I think she catches herself off guard, like, ‘I’m telling him all this stuff and this is unusual for me’.

“She’s got a little girl called Maisie. Her and her mum are probably the only people she has to talk to. 

“She’s revealing all this stuff and I think she just looks at him and goes: ‘There is something there, I do like you. I don’t think I even want your money anymore and that’s really weird!’”

She added: “She’s a single mum, there’s so many similarities there between them both. They’re both a little bit… not messed up, but they’ve got circumstances that have moulded them to be protective or behave a certain way. 

“She’s much more guarded and he vomits his feelings! Maybe there’s a beautiful balance between the two there where they’re both learning from each other.”

But she’s hinted that secrets from her past could come back to haunt her.

Kimberly said: “There will be so much surrounding her circumstances. We don’t have a clue about Maisie’s dad. We don’t know what she’s seen or been through in terms of clientele that have passed through her life. 

“We don’t know anything about her but I think it’s clear to say that it’s not a straightforward life for her.”