Coronation Street’s Phill Whittaker teases ‘huge double betrayal’ in Fiz and Tyrone love triangle


FIZ Stape crushed Phill Whittaker’s heart by telling him their wedding was a mistake right after the ceremony.

Coronation Street star Jamie Kenna spoke about his character’s potential reaction if he ever found out about her and Tyrone.

Phill was jilted by Fiz after their wedding

He’s willing to do all that he can to get her back

Little does he know she went back to Tyrone

Weddings in Weatherfield can never go ahead without a hitch and Fiz Stape (played by Jennie McAlpine) demonstrates that perfectly.

After assuring everyone around her she was ready to tie the knot with her new beau Phill Whittaker, the Underworld machinist walked down the aisle with him.

The pair exchanged their vows in emotional scenes in front of Fiz’s ex Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).

But Corrie bosses have always found a way to tug at the heartstrings – before tearing down characters and breaking their hearts.

Phill was shocked when, right after marrying her, Fiz told him she had made a mistake.

The bride ran away and Phill will be determined to fix everything with her regardless, understanding their chaotic past together may have shaken her.

Little does he know that Fiz didn’t just get cold feet as she actually turned back to her former partner Tyrone, a man Phill believes is his friend.

Speaking about the secret reunion, actor Jamie Kenna said that his on-screen alter ego would be “devastated” if he found out about Fiz and Tyrone, a “double betrayal.”

“I really think if he found out that it was anything to do with Tyrone the double betrayal of that would be devastating”, he said.

“It would be a double whammy because he’s come to the street and he’s built a network but it’s all around Fiz, and Tyrone has become a good friend.”

The proof lies in Tyrone’s recent behaviour as the mechanic not only put in a good word for Phill ahead of his wedding to Fiz but also helped him find the engagement ring after a fight in concrete.

Jamie added: “If he [Phill] was to find out that it was something to do with them two it would be a double loss and a huge double betrayal.”

Could this lead to Phill’s exit from the cobles?

Recently taking to Instagram, Jamie Kenna announced he would be playing the role of Abanazar in a production of Aladdin this Christmas at the Crewe Lyceum.

Will the new acting job steer him away from Coronation Street?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

Fiz left Phill right after their wedding

How will he react when he realises Tyrone, his friend, also betrayed him?

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