Coronation Street’s Stephanie Davis Pursues Singing Career Following Departure from Show


Recording in Memphis

Stephanie Davis, known for her role as Courtney Vance in Coronation Street, is making a career shift into the music industry. The 30-year-old actress, who recently left the show, is currently in Memphis recording her debut album.

Debut Single Announcement

Davis took to social media to share her excitement about her upcoming music release. She posted a picture of herself in the studio and announced that her debut single will be released in May of next year. She expressed her dedication to creating music that resonates with those who have overcome challenges.

Starting Fresh on Instagram

In preparation for her new career, Davis wiped her Instagram account and now primarily shares pictures of herself singing. This move signals a fresh start and showcases her passion for music.

Previous Singing Experience

Before her time on Coronation Street, Davis auditioned for the role of Dorothy on BBC's Over The Rainbow in 2010. Her impressive singing voice captivated the judges and propelled her further into the entertainment industry.

Coronation Street Departure

Davis joined Coronation Street in May of this year, playing the character Courtney Vance. However, show bosses feel that her character's story arc has reached its conclusion. Although not being killed off, there is a possibility for Courtney to return in the future.

Stephanie Davis' departure from Coronation Street marks the beginning of her music career, where she hopes to connect with fans through her heartfelt songs.