Corrie’s Ian Bartholomew plagued with guilt over Geoff ‘destroying’ Yasmeen after scooping three Inside Soap Awards


CORONATION Street’s Ian Batholomew has insisted that he’s glad evil Geoff Metcalfe got his comeuppance after scooping three gongs at Inside Soaps Awards last night.

Fans of the popular ITV soap have watched the storyline between the abuser and his wife Yasmeen unravel for many months now, and now it seems that all the bad things that he has done are finally coming to an end.

Ian Bartholomew bagged himself three gongs at the Inside Soap awards last night

The 66-year-old actor – who has played the villain since 2018 – bagged himself three awards at the yearly award ceremony for his exceptional, yet difficult portrayal of the character.

Ian went home with the awards for Best Actor, Best Villain and also won joint Best Show-Stopper with co-star Shelley King for the magazine’s first ever virtual ceremony, which was streamed on their Facebook and YouTube channel.

Speaking about his success, he explained: “Witnessing Shelley crumbling as Yasmeen, and watching this character that I was playing destroy her in front of me was actually really quite upsetting. 

“I felt bad doing all those things, but we both wanted to do it as well and as truthfully as we could.”

Geoff will soon get what he deserves when wife Yasmeen stands trial next month

Ian and co-star Shelley King won Best Show-Stopper last night

Viewers of the show are currently waiting for Yasmeen to stand trial after things got too much for her and she fought back after he humiliated her in front of everyone.

And the star loves how involved everyone has got in their storyline and the fact that people are eagerly awaiting to see what happens next to the evil man.

He added: “I did see the episode of Gogglebox where they watched it – they were all delighted that Geoff got some kind of comeback!”

Things aren’t looking good for Geoff at the moment and it’s only a matter of time before he gets what is coming to him.

Yasmeen is currently in prison after attacking Geoff when she got pushed to her limits
Geoff has done so many awful things to his wife including locking her in a box, giving her an STI and just took total control of her

Not only does Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya have power of attorney of their restaurant, Speed Daal, but she also has ownership of their house too so he can’t sell it.

To make matters worse, Geoff’s son Tim visited Yasmeen in prison and told her that he will be giving evidence against his father in court because he’s finally realised what he’s been doing to her.

Ian has found playing the role so hard that he’s had to receive weekly counselling sessions to help him cope.

He recently told HOAR: “Emotionally it’s been really quite tricky and I don’t think it was easy being around me at times.

Evil Geoff will soon get his comeuppance over all the awful things he’s done to Yasmeen

“So I did approach Coronation Street for some counselling, which they very kindly gave me.

“So every week I had the opportunity to walk into a room and just off-load and say: ‘this is what I’m feeling, this is what I hate about this man, this is what I hate about this storyline, but I know I have to do it.’

“He was fantastically helpful, very calm and very clear about stuff.

“People say to me: ‘you’re playing a villain, it’s got to be fun.’ But I really don’t like the character that I play – he’s so alien to me – and I didn’t feel that I could burden my wife and children, because it wasn’t really their problem.”

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