Corries Lucy Fallon enjoys night out after getting backlash over Bethany and Daniel scenes


CORONATION Street actress Lucy Fallon was spotted letting her hair down in Manchester after sick trolls targeted her for Bethany Platt’s latest storyline.

The actress flashed a wry smile as she enjoyed a night out with her female pals in the northern city.

Lucy Fallon, 23, was all smiles as she headed on a night out in Manchester

She wore a cute leather skirt paired with a black top and matching shoes, and dared to go tights-free despite the chilly northern weather.

Lucy, 23, was headed to the Impossible nightclub in Manchester and shared her outfit with her fans courtesy of a bedroom selfie with her mate.

Further snaps, taken outside, showedLucy had styled her blonde hair in a straight look which brushed the tops of her shoulders.

The Manchester lass flashed a beaming smile for the cameras as she strolled down the street – despite her real life turmoil of late.

The Bethany Platt actress was joined by her girl mates as they headed to the Impossible club
Lucy looked chic in a black leather skirt and matching top

Lucy has come under fire from soap fans angry her character kissed Daniel Osbourne – as his wife Sinead Tinker was dying from cancer.

Ken Barlow’s son turned to Sarah Platt’s eldest in his time of need, yet some fans felt it inappropriate they shared a moment of passion.

Sinead, played by Katie McGlynn, found out about his infidelity on her death bed and said she would only forgive him for the sake of their son, Bertie.

The Sun Online this week exclusively revealed Lucy’s horrid experience, and she told us: “People are not very happy with me!

She was seen letting her hair down after admitting she had been trolled for a recent storyline
She had been subject to nasty comments online after Daniel and Bethany’s passionate kiss

“It’s been really hard. It’s one of those stories that’s so important and so many people have been affected by it.

“Everyone who watched it will be able to relate to it in a kind of way. And there have been a few nasty comments on my social media.

“But do you know what I find funny? People sometimes can’t differentiate between me as a person and the character I play. It’s just like, ‘You are the worst person in the world!’.”

Lucy – who is set to leave Corrie in January – also defended the controversial storyline.

Lucy is set to leave the soap next year


She added: “When they (Daniel and Bethany) had the kiss, people were kicking off.

“But I feel like it was important for Corrie to show that Daniel was suffering so much, and he was losing his mind, that the kiss was just a moment where he wanted comfort.

“It wasn’t like he was ‘cheating’ on his wife. I don’t see it like that. And Bethany is obviously guilt-stricken.”

Her comments come after furious fans accused Corrie of “cheapening” Sinead’s cancer storyline with Daniel and Bethany’s kiss.

Addressing the backlash with a messaged on her Instagram, she previously put: “Bethany called… she wants me to tell you shes sorry x”