Dean Gaffney horrifies date by telling graphic story about sex toy on Celebs Go Dating


DEAN Gaffney will shock his date by telling her a horrific story about a sex toy on tonight’s Celebs Go Dating.

HOAR Online can exclusively reveal the shocking spoiler clip where the soap star reveals the graphic story to his stunned date.

Dean told his date a horrific story about a sex toy on Celebs Go Dating

The EastEnders star has just bagged his first date of the series and as he’s getting to know her, he drops the sex toy bombshell.

Dean says: “They put on these rubber gloves and then they pull out… the biggest dildo I have ever seen in my life.”

His date Melanie, squirmed and sat back in her chair as she smiled and laughed awkwardly.

The conversation on the subject of sex continued, as Melanie said she worked in Ann Summers for 10 years.

Dean’s date Melanie was stunned by his revelation
Melanie said she worked in Ann Summers for 10 years

She then tells her own story about men who would go in there and buy sexy clothes for both and their wives and their daughters.

Melanie says: “sometimes you used to get the odd guy come in and say, yeah I’d like to buy for my daughter an for my wife,” before insinuating “you know…you know what that’s about.”

Sadly for her however, Dean, 42, wasn’t feeling it.

“Melanie is lovely and easy to listen to, however, I’m not so sure there is a spark.”

Dean said he didn’t feel a spark with Melanie

Earlier this week, fans were very pleased to see Celebs Go Dating alumni Lee Ryan return to give Dean some advice.

The actor hasn’t had an easy time on the E4 dating show so far, something that Lee, 36, is all too familiar with after appearing in the last series.

Lee told Dean: “I’m glad you’re doing this [show], it gets better.

“The agency taught me a lot, when I left I had a clearer understanding of myself and letting myself be open.”

Dean hopes to find love on this series of Celeb Go Dating

Just three days ago, Dean was left red-faced after his dates mocked his age during the first mixer of Celebs Go Dating.

When his date explained that she was from Romford, the star took the chance to talk about how much he likes her hometown – but little did he know that this would enable them to take the mickey out of his age.

“Romford’s nice. I had my 18th birthday in a club called the Hippodrome. It’s changed now I think it’s a bowling alley,” Dean said to spark up conversation.

His other date cheekily asked: “How long ago was that?!”, before he soon tried to change the subject.