Death Threats Leave Dee Dee Bailey Terrified in Coronation Street


Actress Channique Sterling-Brown's character, Dee Dee Bailey, is facing a harrowing ordeal this week on ITV's Coronation Street as she becomes the target of chilling death threats.

Roy Cropper's Innocence

Dee Dee has been working tirelessly to exonerate Roy Cropper, wrongly accused of murdering Lauren Bolton. Despite viewers knowing Roy's innocence, the Weatherfield police seem convinced of his guilt, leaving Dee Dee and others in a state of panic.

A Desperate Plea

With Roy in custody awaiting trial, tension rises as he takes matters into his own hands during a police interview. As the CPS barrister paints Roy in a negative light, Dee Dee and others anxiously await his bail hearing, only to face disappointment.

Unwanted Threats

Dee Dee's efforts to help Roy take a dark turn when she receives menacing death threats via email. As she grapples with the dangers she's now facing, the question remains: Is Dee Dee safe, or has she put herself in harm's way?