Denise Fox makes a shocking decision about Ravi Gulati in EastEnders

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RAVI Gulati is getting on Denise Fox’s nerves as he gets closer to her daughter Chelsea than ever before.

And after trying to tear them apart, the hairdresser played by Diane Parish makes another tough move next week in EastEnders.

Ravi Gulati has been getting closer to Chelsea Fox

But his son Nugget aka Davinder knows something isn’t right

And he’s shocked by Denise Fox’s behaviour next week

Denise has been desperate to keep her flirtatious behaviour with Ravi (portrayed by Aaron Thiara) under wraps.

Meanwhile, the thug’s only goal is to get as much information as he can on Jack Branning’s (Scott Maslen) work.

The copper has been investigation Ravi for several weeks and when he couldn’t manipulate or blackmail Denise into keeping an eye out for him, the gangster turned his attention to her daughter Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams).

However, Chelsea’s intentions are genuine and Denise knows she’s bound to get her heart broken.

Coming up next week on BBC One, Ravi’s son Nugget (played by Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) is freaked out when Denise knocks their door down.

To make matters worse for both Ravi and herself, she later incessantly rings Ravi’s phone.

Later on at Walford East, she finally manages to catch up with Ravi and they have a massive row about Chelsea.

The confrontation is interrupted when they are freaked to hear a plate smashing outside – could somebody have heard them?

This remains to be seen but what is certain is that Denise’s home life is also bringing her heaps of turmoil.

Zack Hudson (James Farrar) soon brings Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd) home to angry Denise and Jack.

The hunk lets them know that the teen tried to steal booze from local wine bar Peggy’s and the pair insist there can be no more lies.

How will Amy react?

But there’s also a shocking reason for her acting out – could it be linked to Denise and Ravi?

Viewers of the London-based drama will remember that the owner of Fox & Hair quickly shut down her illicit romance with Ravi after kissing him.

She then found out Ravi was a target for Jack and became terrified their fling would be uncovered.

Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) then became aware something wasn’t right – which led her to crash her new car into the Arjee Bahjee when she was too distracted by her sister Denise’s phone to look at the road ahead of her.

Who else could find out about what Denise has been up to?

Will Chelsea really get hurt?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Amy begins to act out again

Meanwhile, Denise is shocked by one of Chelsea’s most recent decisions concerning Ravi
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