Denise Fox terrified by Ravi’s threat as secrets are exposed in EastEnders

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RAVI Gulati’s behaviour goes from bad to worse as he’s ready to stoop to any low to get intel on Jack Branning’s investigation.

Drama picks up a pace in EastEnders next week when he issues Denise Fox with a chilling threat.

Denise Fox is terrified Ravi Gulati could expose all her secrets

The gangster continues to drive a wedge within her family

Could she be driven to desperate actions?

The hairdresser played by Diane Parish initially took a liking to the gangster (Aaron Thiara) but after sharing a few steamy moments, she decided to back away.

Her worst fears seemed to come true when her husband, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), made it clear to her he was investigation Ravi – meaning her secrets could all be exposed.

Ravi then found out Jack was working on a case against him, prompting him to blackmail Denise into giving him information.

But when she refused, he turned to her daughter Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) instead.

Next week, Ravi continues to flirt with Chelsea in an attempt to put pressure on Denise to gain access to Jack’s files.

When Chelsea rebuffs him, he’s convinced he can win her round.

Meanwhile, Denise tries to get Jack to take some time off when the copper stays up all night working on the case against Ravi.

She later collars her daughter to insist she comes to a family games night at No.27 and Felix Baker stirs the pot by asking if she can bring a plus one.

In later scenes, Chelsea walks in with Ravi in tow, as the hunk invited himself to the evening as her guest – leaving Jack and especially Denise horrified.

The night still goes on but not without Ravi twisting the knife with both as things are set to get out of hand.

Jack and Denise’s marriage, which has already hit the rocks, is even more in peril when the copper accuses her of telling Chelsea he’s investigating Ravi, implying she could have compromised the case.

He then tries to fix everything by warning Ravi off Chelsea during a tense stand-off.

However, Ravi knows exactly how to get under Jack’s skin and needles him about the state of his marriage with Denise.

He then offers to stay away from Chelsea on the one condition that Jack gives him information about the investigation.

At Walford East, Denise puts Ravi in his place but loses her smug attitude when he fires back with a threat that leaves her shaking in her boots.

What will Denise do?

Could this confirm Ravi as the unknown murder victim due to meet their demise during the upcoming festive season?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday from 7.30pm on BBC One.

Ravi wants information on Jack Branning’s investivation

He’s trying to manipulate Denise into giving him what he wants