Does Chantelle die in EastEnders? Abusive Gray will accidentally kill his wife, say fans


EASTENDERS fans have been left wondering if Gray Atkins will KILL his wife Chantelle as the shows hard-hitting domestic abuse storyline comes to an explosive end.

Viewers were left horrified recently after Gray BROKE Chantelles arm when her pregnancy test came back negative.

Gray broke Chantelle’s arm when he found out she wasn’t pregnant in EastEnders

Is Gray going to kill Chantelle in EastEnders?

There was outrage from EastEnders viewers when Gray snapped Chantelles arm after her pregnancy test came back negative.

Viewers were then shocked further when she apologised to him for the incident, blaming herself for not making him feel loved.

In recent scenes, fans also watched in horror as Gray dragged Chantelle upstairs and raped her – forcing her to try for another baby with him.

The long-suffering wife is at the centre of a dark domestic abuse storyline, and is being bullied and controlled by her monster husband.

Viewers are convinced that the harrowing storyline will come to a devastating end which will see Chantelle killed.

One fan tweeted: So Gray is going to kill Chantelle.

Another added: This Gray and Chantelle storyline is too much for me to handle.

A third tweeted: It would also massively shock audiences. Soaps usually either redeem their bad guys or they get punished. If Gray kills Chantelle & is sent to prison, it would send out a big message to viewers. DA victims don’t usually survive. Sad, but true.

A fourth added: It makes me sick to my stomach because I have this feeling he’s gonna kill her.

Chantelle has been helping Gray through his therapy in EastEnders

Is Chantelle going to fall pregnant in EastEnders?

Theres no word from the BBC One soap yet as to whether Chantelle is going to fall pregnant again.

But if Gray has his way, he and Chantelle will keep trying for a baby until they are successful.

Its clear from Chantelles face that she doesnt want to bring another child into her monster husbands life.

Gray has punched her in the stomach once before while she was pregnant, and its likely his temper would lead him to do so again.

Chantelle was reluctant as she renewed her vows to Gray in EastEnders

Will Chantelle speak out about Grays abuse in EastEnders?

So far, Chantelle has been too terrified of Gray to confide in any of her friends or family about his abuse.

She’s also convinced herself that his behaviour is her fault – and that they can work through their problems together.

However, Dad Mitch Baker has noticed something isnt quite right.

He knew something was wrong as mum Karen Taylor prepared to officiate the ceremony.

He said: “I know I wasn’t there for your wedding, but I’m here now. I’m here for you. Because, I’m sorry baby but you don’t look happy.”

But Chantelle was quick to shrug it off, blaming her unhappy face on her fears for missing brother Keanu.

The walls are closing in on Gray, but fans will have to tune in to find out if Chantelle breaks her silence as BBC One bosses are yet to confirm any upcoming plot details.