EastEnders: Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway’s relationship timeline


EASTENDERS fans are desperate for Callum Highway to dump Ben Mitchell and end their toxic relationship.

Ballum fans have been behind the boys for months but their relationship took a dark turn this week when Ben tried to cheat on Callum before getting arrested for stealing a car. Here’s a reminder of their love story so far…

Callum punched Ben after they slept together in EastEnders

How their romance began

Where do we start? Ben and Callum’s road to romance has been anything but smooth after Ben discovered that Callum was struggling with his sexuality in May, 2019.

Ben did everything in his power to get Callum to accept who he really was, but Callum was adamant he was in love with Whitney and even proposed to her. 

But Callum couldn’t suppress his true feelings and ended up sleeping with Ben while engaged to Whitney. 

The double life became too much for Callum and he ended up lashing out and punching Ben as he struggled to deal with the fact they’d spent a night together. 

Whitney then jilted Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway at the altar when she discovered what he’d been up to.

Paul Coker’s grandmother Pam gave Ben and Callum’s relationship the seal of approval

Going public

After their rocky start, the couple made it official at the end of last year.

And fans were left sobbing after Pam gave their relationship the seal of approval after she realised he was hiding his relationship with Callum.

Pam is the grandmother of Ben’s ex-lover Paul – who was murdered in a homophobic attack in 2016.

She told him she wanted him to be happy more than anything else in the world – and that Paul would want that too.

They faced another hurdle when Callum announced he wanted to join the police

Shock split

Callum’s revelation that he wanted to join the police knocked Ben for six and left the couple facing a fresh hurdle. 

They eventually  remained together after Ben promised to turn a new leaf and leave his criminal life behind.

But Ben’s part in Phil’s revenge plot against Sharon’s mystery man didn’t go down so well with his lover.

When he returned home with blood on his shirt, Callum confronted him about his criminal activities. 

A defensive Ben then told Callum he had to let him go to protect him. 

Fans were devastated as Ben then lashed out and told Callum he didn’t love him. 

He said: “I am not going to ruin you and I am not going to watch you get ruined, I don’t love you.

“And I don’t want your love.”

After a brief split, Ben admitted he loved Callum and they reunited

Back together

Ben soon broke and admitted that he did love Callum after all – as we knew all along. 

The couple then reunited, and became stronger than ever. 

Ben went deaf during the boat disaster putting more strain on his relationship with Callum in EastEnders

Fresh hurdle

Ben was left in extreme distress after surviving the soap’s 35th anniversary boat disaster. 

There was a high-pitched ringing playing over the scenes as distorted sound disorientated Ben. 

He was later diagnosed with loss of hearing in both ears. 

Callum vowed to be there for Ben, and promised he would continue to love him. 

EastEnders’ Ben tried to cheat on Callum with another man before stealing his car

Breaking point

This week Ben hit rock bottom after a surprise visit from villain Danny Hardcastle.

Danny arrived with a business proposition for Ben, but when he clocked on to the fact that Callum was hoping to become a police officer, he threatened the pair. 

Ben was then forced to admit he was deaf – a development he’d been hiding from Danny. 

Humiliated, Ben slunk off to drink in the pub and tried to cheat on Callum with another man. 

Things escalated quickly and Ben ended up stealing his car. 

Disaster struck when Ben was then pulled over and arrested. 

Jack Branning brought Ben home after the man changed his story to avoid his wife discovering his interest in men. 

After ranting at Ben, Jack told Callum: “He’s bad news. if you’re serious about a career in the force you need to reconsider your choice of boyfriend.”

A furious Callum then turned on Ben: “I don’t want to do this anymore. I cannot give you anymore and I am so sick and tired of having to take a backseat all the time.

“I should have been focused on my assessment today and the whole time I am sat there worrying about you. Would you do the same Ben? Do I even cross your mind? No because you’re too busy nicking a car and going out joyriding?

“Am I that much of a soft touch to you because I’m a bit nice? What about me? Stop trying to make yourself feel better by making everyone else feel worse.”

Ben collapsed to the floors in tears, apologising over and over again to Callum.