EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell ‘makes deadly mistake’ as he teams up with his emotional dad Phil before operation


EASTENDERS Ben Mitchell “makes a deadly mistake” as he teams up with his emotional dad Phil for another job before his operation.

Phil became emotional on last night’s episode of the BBC soap after receiving football tickets he bought for him and Dennis before his death.

Phil ropes Ben into another dangerous scheme

However, Ben had a heart-to-heart with his grieving father, which put him in a better mood.

This crumbled quickly as Phil grew frustrated he couldn’t communicate properly with his hearing impaired son, so set off to speak to Mick and Linda about buying famous EastEnders pub Queen Vic.

He was actually meeting Danny Hardcastle, who tried to rope the Albert Square hardman into another job to get money for the pub.

Their meeting didn’t go smoothly when Danny insulted Ben – and warned Phil that his son couldn’t be a part of their operation.

Phil has a heart-to-heart with his son

So Phil lured Danny back to The Arches and beat him up, before heading back to Ben to let him in on the plan.

Ben accepts, even though he’s supposed to have an operation to fix his hearing. This will also put him at odds with budding policeman boyfriend Callum.

But worst of all, could he be the target of Danny’s backlash. Especially when spoilers show tonight’s episode will see his operation pushed back by the doctor.

Fans are worried about Ben – and his relationship with Callum.

Ben and Callum in the hospital in tonight’s episode

One person said: “I so felt for Ben when he told his dad about the operation, then assumed Phil viewed his deafness as a weakness. Their style of communication irritates the EFF out of me.”

Another added: “No Ben Phil is an idiot don’t get him dragged into whatever he has going in it’s sad that Ben does it just to make Phil happy that ain’t love Ben and Kush has told shirl she is of her meds so there sneaking them in her food and drinks”

A third remarked: “Ben. You are grown ass man w a daughter that loves you, a man that loves you & would do anything for you, businesses that are going well….like it’s time to cut the cord, grow a pair, and like stop”