EastEnders: Ben Mitchell’s horror explained as Danny Hardcastle returns to the Square for revenge


EASTENDERS have confirmed that Danny Hardcastle will be returning to the Square to get revenge on Ben and Phil Mitchell.

The gangster fled from Walford shortly after the Mitchells pocketed the money from his dodgy robbery. But could Ben and Phil be in grave danger upon his return? Here’s everything you need to know about Danny’s revenge…

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Danny Hardcastle will return to the Square in September and cause trouble for Ben

When is Danny Hardcastle returning to EastEnders?

HOAR has exclusively revealed that Danny will return to the Square when the soap comes back to our screens in September.

Fans will remember that Danny first made an appearance in Walford in 2019 and targeted Phil Mitchell in an explosive showdown after their money-laundering scheme in Spain ended in disaster. 

Danny squared up to Phil and warned him to give him the money he was owed, before kidnapping Louise Mitchell.

Ben and Phil pocketed the money from Danny’s dodgy robbery

Why does Danny want revenge on Ben and Phil Mitchell in EastEnders?

Fans will remember that Danny rocked up in Walford again back in March and surprised Phil’s son Ben with a business proposition.

But when Danny realised Ben was struggling with his hearing in the wake of the boat disaster, the hardman turned his attention towards Phil and lured him into helping him carry out a dodgy robbery.

On the day of the crime, everything spiralled out of control as the Mitchells realised Danny had set them up.

During a thunderous showdown, Danny mocked Ben before firing a gun next to his ear, further harming his hearing.

A fight then broke out and the Mitchells managed to escape with the money but at a huge cost to Ben – who was left totally deaf from the gun blast.

Will Danny demand the money from the Mitchells upon his return – or might his revenge planinvolve something more sinister?

EastEnders fans are worried Danny will lure Ben back to the dark side

Will Ben Mitchell be drawn back to the dark side by Danny’s return?

News of Danny’s return has left fans fearing that Ben could turn back to the dark side – and jeopardise his relationship with Callum yet again.

One anxious viewer added: “My biggest problem with Danny is we’ll get more wannabe gangster stuff from Ben it’s sooooooo dull man. But I guess it makes sense for him to come back. He wouldn’t let the Mitchells get away with the heist. Let’s just hope his return puts an end to this storyline #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Can they leave Ben out of the gangster stuff while he has a deaf storyline? I mean, unless Danny’s return is a supporting sl to the deafness rather than one alongside it. #eastenders.”

But with EastEnders yet to confirm what’s in store for Ben, fans will have to tune in to find out whether Ben could be in danger – or whether the Mitchells will put an end to Danny’s reign of terror for good.