EastEnders’ Callum set up dodgy warehouse job to trap boyfriend Ben Mitchell, claim fans


EASTENDERS fans think Ben Mitchell is walking into a trap set up by his own boyfriend Callum – could this be the end of beloved couple Ballum?

Soap bosses have released an exciting new trailer that teases some dramatic scenes ahead for Ben Mitchell.

Ben! Be careful – fans are worried this could be end of Ben Mitchell

However, after seeing the trailer fans are concerned that it could be a cryptic clue that Ben will be killed off in the coming weeks.

The shocking twist would be an explosive blow to fans of the bad-boy-turned-good of Albert Square.

Theorising on Twitter, fans discussed the message in the trailer that reads: “You can’t always see what’s coming.”

In addition to the ominous line, the EastEnders Twitter account also said: “Seeing isn’t always believing… Next week, on #EastEnders.”

If Callum does betray Ben does it mean the end of Walford’s favourite couple?


EastEnders is always bringing the drama

Viewers are already aware that things are set to get spicy for Ben as he joins dad Phil in a warehouse, where he is doing a dodgy deal with gangster Danny Hardcastle.

Events are expected to spiral out of control as Ben has a gun turned on him, and fans are predicting that Ben’s boyfriend Callum Highway will be at the centre of it all.

Some speculated that it might be Callum in danger, while others hedged their bets on the twist being that the trainee police officer is potentially working against Ben, or at least setting him up.

One fan tweeted: “As well as this line referring to Ben’s hearing loss, are we in for a massive shocker?”

Fingers crossed Callum isn’t setting up his boyfriend

Another asked: “I bet Callum is the one waiting for Ben at the warehouse.”

Starting a thread, the first user replied: “That would be a complete shocker. Imagine if Callum set the whole thing up as a trap!”

Another viewer agreed, writing: “The line you can’t always see what’s coming – is this indicating to a big twist in store?”

While one fan fearfully asked the Twittersphere: “I saw spoilers earlier on Instagram that said Ben dies. It’s not true is it?”

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