EastEnders Christmas kidnap storyline explained Martin Fowler takes Linda Carter hostage


AN EastEnders Christmas is never a quiet one and it looks like this year is set to be another explosive dayas Martin Fowler brandishes a gun during a violent confrontation with Linda Carter.

Fans of the hit BBC One soap know the family man is already heading down a dark road and now he will be taking the Queen Vic landlady hostage. But who dies when a gunshot is fired? Here’s everything we know about the showdown so far…

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Martin Fowler will hold Linda Carter hostage after she hears a gunshot in EastEnders

What do we know about the confrontation between Martin and Linda?

Our recent exclusive pictures show Linda Carter and Martin Fowler in a violent showdown this Christmas.

Actors James Bye (Martin Fowler) and Kellie Bright – who plays Linda – were spotted filming this years dramatic Christmas episodes.

Linda arrives at a warehouse where she is horrified to hear an explosive gunshot.

But when she attempts to make a run for it, Martin grabs her and quickly whips out a gun from his waistband.

Martin is being blackmailed by EastEnders' Ben Mitchell

Martin is being blackmailed by Ben Mitchell

Why does Martin take Linda hostage in EastEnders?

The fruit and veg flogger is in the midst of a long-running feud with Ben Mitchell after Martins wife, Stacey Slater, walloped his dad, Phil Mitchell, over the skull with a spanner earlier this year.

And now the Squares villain is using the wrench to blackmail the family man into following his every command in the criminal world.

Viewers have already watched Ben dangle Martin upside down over a railway bridge and threaten to hurt his family.

And it looks like things are about to come to a dramatic head between the enemies this Christmas.

Its not known exactly why Linda is embroiled in the drama but things arent looking too great for the pub landlady.

It looks like things are about to come to a dramatic head this Christmas - EastEnders

It looks like things are about to come to a dramatic head this Christmas

Who dies when a gunshot is fired in EastEnders?

The Sun Online has revealed that Danny Walters, who plays Keanu Taylor, was the only other actor present for filming.

And he has already revealed that the hunky mechanic will be leaving the soap after two-and-a half years.

Viewers know that Keanu has been weaving a web of lies – being the biological father of Phils wife Sharons baby AND his daughter Louises baby.

Tensions have also risen with Mel Owen blackmailing Sharon after catching wind of her affair.

But bosses are staying tight-lipped about further details surrounding Keanus exit from the BBC soap – and whether or not he will make it out alive.

With so many secrets waiting to be exposed, his exit is bound to be explosive.

It certainly looks like Keanu might meet his end – but why is Martin holding Linda hostage and could he end up killing her in a shocking twist?