EastEnders’ Danny Dyer transforms into a fairytale prince as he films new comedy after quitting soap

EXCLUSIVE CALL FOR PRINT AND WEB FEE. Hobbit or Handsome Prince? Danny Dyer films his first role since leaving EastEnders as he stars in the BBC comedy Henpocalypse! He is pictured filming a fantasy sequence with co star Kate O’Flynn. The action took place in woodland with Kate as a sleeping beauty and Danny coming to wake her. EXCLUSIVE: PIX MARK CAMPBELL/MCPIX 07778 526193

EASTENDERS legend Danny Dyer looked worlds away from Mick Carter while filming his latest TV project.

Danny, who quit Albert Square in December, has been transformed into a fairytale prince for a new BBC comedy.

Danny Dyer has been snapped filming a new BBC comedy

The former EastEnders star plays a prince in Henpocalypse!

The cockney actor, 45, has landed a leading role in Henpocalypse!, written by Caroline Moran, and he has been busy shooting the six-part series in Cheshire.

It focuses around bride-to-be Zara, who is suddenly faced with the end-of-the world during hen do at a holiday cottage.

Together with her four girl pals, Zara is seen emerging from quarantine into the harsh new post-apocalyptic world – and discovering almost the entire male population has been wiped out.

It appears Danny’s character is, however, one of the last men standing.

According to the BBC, the actor will play a “fictionalised and heightened version of himself” who comes to the rescue of one of the bridesmaids.

In behind-the-scenes pictures, Danny can be seen dressed in his fineary alongside actress Kate O’Flynn.

The fantasy sequence will apparently see Kate playing a Sleeping Beauty character in woodland, with Danny’s character coming to wake her up.

Danny is delighted with the part, saying: “When I saw the pilot for Henpocalypse! I p****ed myself laughing and I was so honoured to be asked to be a part of such an amazing job. You’re all gonna f****** love it – it’s hilarious.”

Henpocalypse! is due to hit screens on BBC2 later this year.

Writer Caroline previously said: “I can’t bloody believe I am getting to make a sitcom for BBC Two! That’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted in life. 

“The nation is now officially invited to our never-ending post-apocalyptic hen do. I guarantee high drama, tons of jokes, massive surprises and lots of penis-themed pound shop tat!”

Danny bowed out of EastEnders on Christmas Day, with his character Mick disappearing. He is thought to be lost at sea and presumed dead.

Along with Henpocalypse!, Danny is also returning to documentary making.

The star, who previously fronted cult series Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men, will travel up and down the country finding out whether chaps have lost their identity as traditional gender roles are consigned to history.

He will also delve into the topical subject of toxic masculinity, seeing why so many young men are struggling with mental health and relationships with women.

The two-parter, called 21st Century Man, will be screened on Channel 4 later this year.

Danny quit EastEnders last year

The actor and co-star Kate O’Flynn were spotted filming in woodland

The pair’s six-part comedy series is about a hen party that goes horrendously wrong

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