EastEnders fans all have the same theory about Phil Mitchell’s return

EastEnders Fans say the same thing as Phil Mitchel returns

EASTENDERS fans have ‘worked out’ Phil Mitchell’s secret weapon in his war again DCI Keeble.

The Walford hardman – who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap – made his shock return to Albert Square tonight.

EastEnders Fans say the same thing as Phil Mitchel returns

Keanu got fans talking tonight as Phil returned

But fans were beginning suspicious of his timely return – and who was watching as he made his comeback.

Viewers know Phil left the Square earlier this year after making a phone call to a mystery person.

He was desperate to find a way to shut down vengeful police officer DCI Keeble and her crusade to destroy his family for the murder of her father.

It was also revealed tonight that Keanu Taylor has been in contact with Keeble about bringing Phil down.

He convinced her that Phil is planning a big job and has brought back some of the men she had targeted to get to him, under fake passports.

Keanu’s plan worked and Keeble told him to stand by to meet with her, however before they had a chance, Phil returned.

“Well ain’t this a nice warm welcome,” he said walking up to his house to find partner Kat with ex Alfie.

“So what have I missed?” he added.

However viewers spotted Keanu watching from the Square, and it has intrigued fans.

In fact they are convinced there is more to both men’s returns than first appears.

And they are sure they are working together.

One wrote: “Oh dear Phil’s back home!”

A second said: “Yessss Phil.”

Another added: “Keanu’s a dead man.”