EastEnders fans all say the same thing about Patsy Kensit’s Emma


EASTENDERS fans are all saying the same thing about Patsy Kensit’s Emma after tonight’s episode.

The legendary soap actress is playing Lola Pearce’s mum in the BBC soap.

EastEnders fans were baffled that no one saw Emma hiding in plain sight

Lola’s mum warned bully Maisie to stay away from Lexi

In tonight’s episode she returned to Walford to watch her long-lost daughter from afar – but couldn’t resist interfering. 

She watched as Lola went about her daily life and then went back to the salon for her nails so she could take to her daughter.

Digging into her life, she found out that Lola’s daughter Lexi was being bullied by a girl called Maisie over Lola’s decision to start a vlog about her impending death.

But Emma decided to take matters into her own hands – literally.

Sneaking around the schoolyard, she waited for Maisie to come out of the gates and then pounced – grabbing her around the neck.

“If you ever, ever upset Lexi again, you’ll have me to answer to,” she snarled at the terrified schoolgirl.

Meanwhile in another feat not noticed by anyone, Emma snuck up to Lola’s house and posted £1,000 through the letter box with a note.

And despite standing behind railings in the Square watching, she was missed by a searching Jay and Lola.

Viewers are struggling to cope with the character moving around without anyone noticing her – as if she’s a ghost.

One wrote: ” How did no one see Lola’s mum standing there?!”

A second said: “Emma doing a good job hiding behind the railing.”

Another added: “I can’t believe Lola didn’t see Emma standing right there.”

Emma went unnoticed as she threatened the schoolgirl