EastEnders fans all saying the same thing as Ben Mitchell witnesses homophobic abuse


EASTENDERS fans are all saying the same thing after Ben Mitchell witnessed some homophobic abuse tonight.

The convicted killer – who is played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soap – saw a bigot shout vile abuse at new Albert bar manager Lewis and seemed to want to follow him.

Ben got everyone talking on EastEnders tonight
Fans were not impressed with the homophobic comments

Earlier in the episode Ben finally told Callum the truth about how he was scared of him doing such a high profile campaign as a gay officer.

“If you want to end up like Paul, fine, but I’m going to do whatever I can to keep myself safe,” Ben told him.

Later Ben went to the Albert for a drink outside and met new bar manager Lewis.

He invited Ben out but Ben declined, insisting he had plans already.

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However, as Lewis headed off he was shouted at by a bigot. 

“Oi watch out lads bender’s on the loose,” the homophobic thug shouted.

“Don’t get too close, don’t want to catch nothing.”

Lewis snapped back: “Don’t worry, you can’t catch gay sweetheart.

“Even though I know secretly you want to catch this one.”

The homophobe was stunned into silence as Lewis walked off and Ben watched from afar.

He looked set to follow but he was summoned inside by Kim Fox, who was determined to get her Sex on the Driveway cocktail asap.

And fans think Ben had a lucky escape from following the men and getting into a fight.

One wrote: “I’m not a fan of Ballum but I think they did good in showing the different sides in dealing with the attack.

“Ben is scared of even holding hands, of being targeted again and Callum is simply saying ignore them.”

A second said: “Proud of Callum! Although to be honest, his tolerance of Ben is mega high.”

Ben has been struggling since Callum was attacked

Ben has been struggling since Callum was attacked