EastEnders fans all saying the same thing as Patsy Kensit’s Emma arrives in Walford


EASTENDERS fans are all saying the same thing after Patsy Kensit’s character Emma arrived in Walford tonight.

The legendary soap actress is playing dying Lola Pearce’s long-lost mother Emma in EastEnders.

Patsy has arrived in Walford and fans couldn’t be more excited

Patsy plays Lola’s mum on the show

Patsy made her debut earlier this month after Billy Mitchell tracked her down to tell her of Lola’s terminal cancer.

Billy was heartbroken when Emma told him to leave her alone, insisting Lola would be better off without her.

But tonight she turned up in Walford and was seen following Lola’s daughter Lexi.

She found her on the swings while dad Ben nipped into the Arches.

And with Lexi upset, Emma approached her and asked her what was wrong, discovering that Lola had lied to her.

“That’s not very nice but I’m sure she had her reasons though,” Emma told her knowing granddaughter.

“ Usually when adults lie to kids it’s because they want to protect them. 

“Sometimes the truth can hurt them and no-one wants to hurt the ones they love. I’m sure your mum loves you very much.”

But as Ben returned Emma disappeared leaving Lexi alone.

Later it became clear she didn’t just want to see Lexi.

Heading over to the salon before it closed, she met with Kim and asked to book an appointment. 

And when Kim offered to put her in with Denise, Emma told her: “I was hoping for Lola, if that’s OK.”

She gave her name as Nicole and not her real name, leaving viewers worried for Lola.

One wrote: “Why didn’t she just say her own name? She’s not the only one with it, whatever it is!”

A second said: “Emma booking an appointment with Lola at the salon under a fake name. ‘ Nicole’ “

Another added: “Ahh Patsy.”