EastEnders fans are all saying the same thing about Ben Mitchell as dad Phil faces life in jail


EASTENDERS fans are sure Ben Mitchell will become Walford’s newest villain after his dad looks set to be locked up for life.

Viewers saw how Phil went to the police investigation feeling hopeful about there being a lack of evidence about his involvement in Vincent’s murder.

EastEnders fans convinced Ben Mitchell will fail at being the new soap villain as dad Phil rocked by devastating news
Phil is involved in the investigation of Vincent’s murder

But when DCI Keeble arrived to say they’ve spoken to Aiden Maguire, he’s floored and began to weave a web of lies.

He headed back home with his lawyer to tell Kat he’s looking at only five years in prison because he was unable to face the truth.

Elsewhere, Ben struggled with memories of the homophobic attack where he froze as his husband Callum and Asha were savagely beat up.

But he kept those feelings to himself and put on a brave face to his dad, as Phil made it clear he’s lied to Kat about the time he’s facing.

Phil approached Ben at the Old Vic to tell him the bad news about the prison time he’s facing and told him he had to take over the family business, including any criminal enterprises.

“What I need is for you to step up, to run the businesses, the chicken shops… ‘everything’,” he said to a serious looking Ben.

“There’s no one I’d rather, the way you carry yourself, Ben I’m proud of you.

“You’ve just got to promise me one thing. That you’ll take care of the family, that you’ll look after everyone.”

Callum then walked into the bar and sensed something intense had just happened between the father and son.

“Everything alright,” he asked the Mitchell men.

Ben paused and stoically looked at his dad, saying: “Everything’s gonna be fine.”

After Phil left, Ben told his husband what his dad just asked him to do.

“Dad’s asked me to step up, to run the business,” he replied, to which Callum scoffed, “and you’ve said yes.”

Ben quickly shut him down: “It ain’t up for discussion. I’m doing it for dad.”

EastEnders’ fans were surprised at Ben’s chilling demeanour and how seriously he took his dad’s request.

But some think he won’t be able to live up to his dad’s reputation.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Ben can’t even take care of himself.”

And a third commented: “Ben can’t even run the family Business much less himself nowadays. And phil just added pressure on him knowing this could get him killed someday.”

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