EastEnders fans are desperate for Callum to dump Ben Mitchell and end their toxic relationship


EASTENDERS fans are desperate for Callum Highway to dump Ben Mitchell.

The wannabe policeman – who is played by actor Tony Clay in the BBC soap – lost his temper with Ben after discovering he had tried to cheat on him last night before getting himself arrested for stealing a car.

Eastenders viewers want Callum to dump Ben

Ben was only released by police after the man he seduced to steal his car changed his statement after realising his wife would find out about his extracurricular activities with men.

Detective Jack Branning took Ben home and raged at him: “The only reason you got off today is because your mate changed his story.

“If he hadn’t have realised his wife would find out, you’d be in court Ben. Ain’t the last few weeks taught you anything? Life is precious, if you want to take your own for granted that’s down to you but you’ve got no right to put anyone else’s in danger.

“Stop burying your head.”

Jack took Ben home from the police station

Calum raged at Ben in the kitchen

The character broke down as things got heated

Callum was on the verge of leaving

Fans are calling for Callum to end the toxic romance

Storming out Jack ran into Callum and let rip again: “He’s bad news. if you’re serious about a career in the force you need to reconsider your choice of boyfriend.”

And when he got inside Callum put the boot in too: “I don’t want to do this anymore. I cannot give you anymore and I am so sick and tired of having to take a backseat all the time.

“I should have been focused on my assessment today and the whole time I am sat there worrying about you. Would you do the same Ben? Do I even cross your mind? No because you’re too busy nicking a car and going out joyriding?

“Am I that much of a soft touch to you because I’m a bit nice? What about me? Stop trying to make yourself feel better by making everyone else feel worse.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything,” cried Ben but viewers had had enough.

They are desperate for Callum to end things with Ben and put their toxic relationship to bed for good.

One wrote: “Callum is right Ben’s an a**ehole and they are always arguing together! Just split up for the best ffs #Eastenders.”

A second said: “Callum needs to cut Ben off completely, he’s the biggest t**t on the Square and to me he is so unredeemable. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Callum you are far too good for Ben, he doesn’t deserve you. #eastenders.”