EastEnders fans break down in tears as Shirley Carter realises son Mick is dead


EASTENDERS fans have broken down in tears at Shirley Carter as she struggles to cope with son Mick’s disappearance.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Linda Henry in the BBC soap – is struggling to come to terms with the likelihood that Mick is dead.

Shirley Carter was in tears tonight on EastEnders

Viewers know Mick was lost at sea after trying to rescue ex wife Linda from a car crash caused by wife Janine Butcher.

His body has not been recovered and police fear he was swept out to sea and may never be found.

In tonight’s episode Shirley had drank herself unconscious and was found collapsed on the floor of the Vic by Denise Fox and Jean Slater.

Blaming herself, Shirley was in tears as she described what Janine had done.

“She lied and she schemed and she ripped through my family and I let her do it,” she said. 

“I let her and it’s because of me that Mick is dead.

“I knew there was something up with her. I questioned Scarlett but she wouldn’t say a word so I let it drop. 

“How am I going to live with this? Knowing that I could’ve done something to stop her but I didn’t.

At that moment Scarlett walked in and apologised, saying she loved Mick too.

Shirley lost it, and screamed: “You loved him too yeah? Get out.”

Viewers broke down in tears at her emotional display.

One wrote: “Crying again :(“

A second said: “This is so sad, poor Shirley!”

Another added: “I’m sorry, I loved him too… Aw Scarlett”