Eastenders’ fans call for Janine Butcher to be axed from soap after character’s major transformation

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EASTENDERS’ fans have called for Janine Butcher to be axed from the BBC soap after noticing a disappointing transformation in the once ruthless character.

Viewers of the hit soap had hoped Janine’s return last year would reprise the character’s well known vindictive streak. But sadly, fans have been left disappointed by the character’s ‘petty’ and ‘pathetic’ transformation.

Charlie Brooks returns to Eastenders as Janine Butcher

So much so, viewers have taken to social media to demand the character be axed from the soap.

One said: “When Janine’s return was announced I was excited to have a proper villain back in the show, but I feel like this stint isn’t Janine being evil but instead being childish and petty which has totally ruined her character.”

Garnering 246 likes, this viewpoint was soon shared with another who wrote: “I agree time to GO Janine. Childish and petty. Yes that sums up her character. Not enjoying her return to Eastenders.”

Another wrote: “Completely agree. She’s been made into this child, petty, manipulative and jealous person all over a man? It’s pathetic.”

Charlie Brooks, 41, who has played Janine Butcher on and off since 1999, became a household name for her villainous exploits. Namely, the murder of her husband Barry Evans in 2010.

Pushing him off a cliff in a desperate bid to bask in his wealth as his widow, Janine became the subject of many conversations among soap buffs.

And despite starring in other dramas Charlie has revealed that Janine has become an icon in the UK. In an interview, when asked what fans tend to shout out at her, she said:“‘You killed Barry!’ That’s the one I get the most.”

She added: “It used to be, ‘Here’s a tenner’ during the prostitution days. She’s been through a lot, this girl.”

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