EastEnders fans concerned for Sharon Watts as Keanu Taylor plots against her


Keanu Taylor's cruel decision

Viewers of the popular BBC soap EastEnders are expressing their concern for character Sharon Watts after her former lover, Keanu Taylor, made a shocking decision in a recent episode. Played by Letitia Dean, Sharon is unaware of Keanu's plan to kidnap their son once he is listed on the birth certificate.

A manipulative plot

Keanu, influenced by his mother Karen, aims to seduce Sharon, marry her, establish his name on their son's birth certificate, and then vanish with their combined wealth. In a calculated move, he agrees to this scheme and waits for the opportune moment to strike.

A cunning strategy

After discovering that Dorian had rigged the final boxing match, Keanu uses this information to get closer to Sharon. He informs her and her former partner Phil about the fix, knowing that Phil would go after Dorian, leaving Sharon vulnerable to manipulation.

A deceptive move

Keanu tries to deceive Sharon by declaring his confusion when he is with her and claiming that he still has feelings for her. However, unbeknownst to Sharon, Keanu's true intentions are far from genuine.

Fans fear for Sharon's future

Viewers are now expressing their fear for Sharon, worried that she may lose everything, including her son. Many speculate that Sharon may eventually catch on to Keanu's plan.

"Keanu playing with fire. He needs to be careful Sharon is not serious and could cotton onto his plan at some point," one concerned viewer wrote.

"So Keanu is going to use this to his advantage? Of course he is," another commented.

Some fans even predict that Keanu may develop genuine feelings for Sharon after his mother Karen departs, potentially causing his plan to unravel.

"I think Keanu will end up falling for Sharon again for real after Karen leaves. This plan will collapse," one viewer speculated.

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