EastEnders fans convinced Ben Mitchell will murder rapist Lewis Butler


EASTENDERS fans are convinced Ben Mitchell is about to murder his rapist Lewis Butler.

The mechanic – who is played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soap – was brutally raped by bar manager Lewis earlier this year.

Fans think Ben is going to kill Lewis

Phil and Sam manage to capture Lewis

It destroyed his life and left him at breaking point.

But tonight he finally got the chance to take the ultimate revenge.

In tonight’s episode it emerged that Sam Mitchell had successfully kidnapped Lewis with the help of Zack Hudson.

She presented him to her brother Phil as a peace offering.

Having driven them to a warehouse with Lewis in the boot, Sam and Phil left the gun on top of the car and began arguing, accidentally leaving the boot open.

Lewis escaped and snatched the gun.

He held Phil and Sam at gunpoint determined to take his own revenge for his ordeal.

But as Lewis began to get cocky holding the gun, Phil took him by surprise and attacked him.

Phil began raining punches down on Lewis and demanded Sam give him the gun to finish the rapist off.

At first Sam refused to give him but Phil forced her hand and she handed it over.

“Please don’t kill me, I’m sorry for what I did please,” begged a bloodied Lewis.

Phil screamed at him to shut up and looked set to pull the trigger – but he was stopped in his tracks.

“Don’t shoot,” said Ben as he sauntered in.

“If anyone’s going to shoot him it will be me.”

Fans are convinced Ben is going to kill again and take Lewis’ life.

One wrote: “What a twist, Ben arrived Only person going to shoot Lewis is Ben #EastEnders.”

A second said: “Well that was a good Doof Doof. But will Ben shoot Lewis? #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Wonder what will Ben do #EastEnders.”

Will Ben pull the trigger?