EastEnders fans convinced Kat caused the boat to sink after spotting her behaving shiftily


KAT Slater’s “shifty” behaviour in last night’s EastEnders has fans convinced she’s the one to blame for the boat disaster.

The BBC soap will mark its 35th anniversary this week and end with a heartbreaking and shocking death during Friday’s episode.

Kat looked like she had more going on than a boat tragedy

The identity of who dies or who is responsible have been kept closely guarded secrets by the team behind the show but the episodes have been peppered with clues.

Soap boss Kate Oates said: “One of the nice things about playing the stories out of order is that there will be moments of intrigue.

“On Monday, you see Phil on a boat, a gun has gone off, you see Ben running round a dock, we know that Sonia has opened the door to the police, but we dont know necessarily know how all of these things are going to fit in with the larger narrative.

“Thats why you have to watch the whole week!”

Fans spotted her behaving shiftily in the background
Kat seemed preoccupied after the boat began taking on water

And fans think they’ve spotted the first big clue with Kat’s behaviour being called into question.

In last night’s episode she was seen brushing off pleas to get into a life boat when the captain sounded the alarm, instead rushing back inside.

It was enough for fans to think Kat is responsible for causing the disaster that will sink the boat.

One wrote: “Kats looking shifty wonder if she had anything to do with the cause of the boat sinking! #eastenders”

A second said: “Is now a good time to remind ourselves Kat Slater nearly drowned in Redwater? #EastEnders #NeverForget”

Another added: “Kat looked very shook up when she reappeared. She’s seen something. #EastEnders”