EastEnders fans convinced Phil Mitchell will be murdered after snitching under arrest


EASTENDERS fans are convinced the end is nigh for Phil Mitchell if he decides to become a grass.

In last night’s episode Phil was given the option of avoiding a life sentence in prison for Vincent Hubbard’s murder.

EastEnders fans are worried for Phil with the decision he has to make

Viewers know he had nothing to do with it – but the police have seized the available evidence and have a case that could put him away for years.

However they have also offered him a way out.

DCI Keeble made him the offer – insisting her bosses want him to use his retirement from crime in a productive way.

“Those senior to me have decided they would rather have your knowledge than your scalp,” she said.

“I’ve been authorised to offer you a deal. 

“Turn informant and all of this Vincent Hubbard business will disappear.”

“You’ve got 24 hours to think about it. You might want to consider what you’ll be leaving behind before you make any rash decisions.”

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But fans are worried Phil will take the deal and turn grass – and promptly sign his own death warrant.

One wrote: “I’ve a feeling Steve wants to start wrapping up his time and giving him a bit storyline arc to finish on would be most suitable.

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“Going against all his principles and all his instincts.

“And gaining a nice pair of concrete boots at the end of it.”

Another added: “If Phil becomes a grass, I won’t watching eastenders anymore.”